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Girl xx

12 January 2018

Teens Liners

"I started my periods a few days ago and found these so much more comfortable than what I wore at first. They are very comfortable and discreet however you have to chang them regularly if it is heavy."

Josie J

01 January 2018

Teens Liners

" DD1 just turned 10 and DD2 is 8 - I've got a selection of tampons and towels squirrelled away for when the time comes, both girls know where they are and we (DD1, DD2, & I) spent some time looking through it all recently, tried out unwrapping tampons and both girls had a go at sticking pads in their pants and wore them for a bit, just to see how it felt. DD1 had been worrying about it a bit and that seemed to help. "


21 December 2017

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I started my period and these pads were great! The wings kept my pad in place and I didn't leak at all!! :)"


07 December 2017

Teens Long Pads

"Started my period today !! These pads are so great and haven’t had a leak yet They are so comfy and I could barely feel a thing during P.E. or any of my other lessons today! Would definitely recommend to anyone who has just got their period and to any other women! "


28 November 2017

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My dd is 10 and hasn't started yet but I am wondering if it may be soon. She is wearing a bra and has for some time. I also noticed today that she is getting armpit hair. I don't know about pubic hair since she is very modest. Also, she has gotten moody at times. She also had pain in her abdomen tonight. She said it was in the area where her belly button is. So I'm going to get her this starter pack tomorrow plus extra liners so if she wants to wear one she will have enough."

Jojo bow

19 November 2017

Teens Day Pads

"I’m 25 and I find these small pads are good for a general panty liner also if I’m coming off my jam sponge "


18 November 2017

Teens Liners

"I know I need to broach this subject very soon with my daughter (9) so I hit this site to see what might be suitable for her. "

1st Timer

14 November 2017

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Super

"I haven't started my period yet but I have used the liners and freshen up wipes.The wrapping is super quiet and very absorbent and the wipes make me feel so fresh.I ABSOLUTELY recommend lil-lets.(I have also got the starter kit :| ) <3"


28 October 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Omg best product I’ve ever seen they fit well and don’t cost a lot ! 😂"

Amy lee

14 October 2017

Teens Day Pads

"My daughter started her period only nine and all the liners and pads are great for her "


09 October 2017

Teens Day Pads

"They are cheap,comfy and well fitted I can hardly feel anything in my underwear they are super absorbent "


25 September 2017

Teens Day Pads

"I am some one who has never used them but I am finding they are so cheap and where I go and look for them I love that about them and this website in general is amazing it is filling me with more confidence and I am a girl whyo finds it very hard to find confidence at times so I am so glad to know about these teen pads"

Teen period

17 September 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Love using the day pads there so comfy "


15 September 2017

Teens SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Tampons

"The non applicator Tampons are great I can hardly feel then and they are great for playing sports "

Too short

06 September 2017

Teens Day Pads

"The day pads are very comfortable until you leak... If I want to wear them then I have to change almost every hour because they are too short at the front. I don't want long ones because they are too long. Always pads are perfect but just a bit wide, which is why I try to use lil-lets"

Love u!

05 September 2017

Teens Night Pads

"I started my period three days ago! The starter pack was great and so was the booklet inside it! So useful! The night pads were great and really what they San to be! Love everything! Thank you like-lets!"

The Lil-Lets Team

04 September 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Hi Lulu, thank you for your review, feedback is very important to us and we are sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction. Please contact our team at and they will investigate this matter further."


02 September 2017

Teens Liners

"Tried the liners but the adhesives aren't even sticky mine fell from my underwear I would not recommend 👎"


29 August 2017

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"Teens day pads Verry comfortable and slim can't fell then at all! However, I badly peeked through one one time so only use them on my lightest days also they are verry short so would recommend placing it further back in your panties so u don't leak xxx"


18 August 2017

Teens Starter Pack

"My daughter will be starting year five, this pack will be great to put in her school bag."