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23 November 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"I started using these and I thought they were so much better than the regular ones from the local shops"


18 November 2018

Teens Night Pads

"This will be good for meee"


31 October 2018

Teens Long Pads

"I love the long pads because the help me feel protected at all times I started my period at the age of ten and I was scared I would leek out my pad but these do the trick I love lil lets !!"


26 October 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My ten year old has just started her period and I brought her these pads and they are perfect she also is very nervous going to school with it"


20 October 2018

Teens Liners

"I would recommend this range as I started my period yesterday evening and so we had to wait till today to get pads for me. My mum came home with a starter pack and a pack of day and night pads. It is great the starter pack has everything you need so if there’s an emergency you can use it and there are a few of the pads and tampons so you can experiment with what you prefer. The booklet is also good for advice for girls. Haven’t tried tampons yet although they have good reviews and the pads are really absorbant and comfy but they took me a little getting used to. If anyone can’t find them in their local Boots store try Superdrug as they have this range."


17 October 2018

Teens Liners

"Personally I have not needed period protection for a lot of years so I have not kept up with what's out there but with my daughter turning nine in a few months I know I'm gonna need to start having pads in for her just in case so I'm gonna get her some of the liners to start with."


15 October 2018

Teens Day Pads

"Good size but unfortunately not absorbent enough for me so had to use night pads as day ones and you get less in the packet which sucks but if you have a light flow then these are good pads"


15 October 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"my ten year old daughter has been having discharge for a while, she developed pubic hair about a year ago and is now developing breasts, she knows about puberty/periods and it was her 15 year old sister who got her to start wearing pantyliners as she was reluctant at first. I started my periods when I was 11 and my older daughter when she was also 11 so we knew it was coming. She is not fond of pads and wants to use tampons when she starts so her sister has bought her these tampons."


30 September 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

"Can I just say the lil lets tampons are the best tampons I’ve ever used in my life, tampax tampons leak for me so I tried using lil lets and I was amazed by how comfortable and easy they were and no leaks !"


23 September 2018

Teens Day Pads

"These are the best pads I've ever used. I've tried all of the lil let's teen pads and have loved all of them. The tampons are super easy to use and amazing for younger teen girls."


23 September 2018

Teens Day Pads

"These pads are soft and comfortable, they're great for a light to medium flow I have been using these for two years and they have been the softest pads I've used."


19 September 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My dd is almost 9 and after complaining of pain in her boob area, she is slightly swollen and has obvious buds. Tonight she let me know she 's started getting pubic hair. Just not sure how long it will be before she starts periods etc so I will get her the starter pack plus several packs of the liners so I can start to prepare her properly. I didn't start until I was almost 13 so assumed would be while yet but now I'm not so sure! Does it take years or more likely just months??"


15 September 2018

Teens Day Pads

"I’ve just purchased my first teen day pads I’m so looking forward to seeing them!Im 10 and I haven’t got my period yet but I got the day pads to put in my bag of in case I start there!"


02 September 2018

Teens Day Pads

"Hi just wondering but are the wipes worth having?"


26 August 2018

Teens Day Pads

"I love the entire lillets range sooo cute and I fell in love with the lillets teen starter pack: I just lovvvvvveee the design and the products inside "


23 August 2018

Teens Day Pads

"Can you make lite day pads and night pads as a well"

Teach Em.

21 August 2018

Teens Day Pads

"I teach Y5 (9-10 year olds). We always have a few girls who have started or start their periods during the year so I keep a supply of these pads in a drawer if they need one. many, many more are clearly starting puberty and developing physically but haven't got to the stage of periods yet."


20 August 2018

Teens Liners

"Today I purchase my first teens day time pads and I’m in love they are so soft and nice to wear don’t feel like a nappy and I’m in love "


20 August 2018

Teens Liners

"The lil lets liners to me feel like cardboard but are good for teen that is just started "


19 August 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Now sorting out my dd (9) back to school stuff and this is perfect for her to carry in her bag."