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08 June 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Really liked the whole kit idea thing but was very disaponted and confused to get the booklet all in french. Its ment to tell me about there products and how to use them but . . . I don't speck franch lol."


17 May 2019

Teens Day Pads

"I’m an adult however, I really like these pads for my light days. Very soft and comfortable. I have bought some for my daughter for when she gets her first period. Thank you. "


06 May 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Brilliant bought for my 11 year she was so happy with the little bag to put in her school bag at that age kids are easily embarrassed and she has the little book to fill her in if she dont want to ask what's this what's that although I did take tampons out as dont think suitable but other then that I would totally recommend "


04 May 2019

Teens SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

"I have just started my periods haven't tried your products yet but would love to try them and give my review on them, please can you send me some free samples . Thankyou"

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28 April 2019

Teens Liners

"i loved these liners iv not had my period yet but they really help to absorb discharge! "


22 April 2019

Teens Liners

"I work in a primary school. We tend to start seeing a number of girls in Y4 (8-9 years old) developing and with a few who've started their periods. As soon as they start my class I let just the girls know I keep these liners and pads in a draw and should they need one to just help themselves."


18 April 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I bought this pack for my dd today. My daughters just turned 9 and I noticed a few months ago shes had a huge growth spurt. One thing that i noticed was that her her chest was developing. Shes also noticed it and said "mum im growing boobs"! She hides behind the door to get changed now too. Bit baffled at the rate her body is developing to be honest! "


13 February 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Loving the range as I am a very small 14 year old girl and they fit me great. I was just wondering if you could make pads for a very heavy flow, as I am unable to wear your pads thought my whole period. "


05 February 2019

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons

"So I went to boots found the teens regular applicator tampons I haven’t tried them yet if anyone has any advice for me please could you write a comment for me as I’m pretty scared cause pads are so uncomfortable especially at school "


31 January 2019

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"I have a lot of discharge every day and I think my period is coming I am going to get supplies I will definitely get lillets"


31 January 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"DD 10 is in the throes of puberty. Growth spurt last year, hips and boobs and then pubic hair 6 months ago. I bought her the starter pack for her to carry in her school bag plus extra pads/liners tampons to keep at home."


29 January 2019

Teens Day Pads

"In my family, we don’t talk about periods, EVER. Me and my older sister occasionally discuss them, but never with my mum or dad. I watched a YouTube video and Lillets was mentioned. This wasn’t a brand I had heard of before, so I did some research and I think that making smaller products for teens is such a good idea! I’m 13 and already way smaller than average (at a staggering 5 feet), and I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I feel everytime I use a pad and it gets all bunched up in my underwear. I’m really looking forwards to using your products!"


27 January 2019

Teens Liners

"As a mother of two girls (10 & 12) the oldest started her periods just after turning 11 but she started getting discharge about 6 months before hand. My youngest alerted me this morning that as she put it "had slime in her pants" luckily she borrowed a liner from her sister until I could pop out to get her some of her own. I should have been a bit more ready/prepared, she's fitting A cup bras already and alot of pubic hair so now we are just on period watch. My poor husband will soon be dealing with three woman in periods😥😥😥"


26 January 2019

Teens Night Pads

"I am 13 and yesterday i wiped myself and found something brown. I wasnt sure whether it was discharge or not so i asked someone i know and she said that if it was discharge then i should buy some period essentials quickly as i mightnget my period today. Is this true?"


25 January 2019

Teens Day Pads

"I am going to buy my first kit soon and I will definitely get lillets "


20 January 2019

Teens Wipes

"I have the teen starter pack, liners and some tampons. I am 12 but I still haven't gotten my period. my mum started when she was 14. I don't really know if I have discharge or not. Can anyone help?"


13 January 2019

Teens Day Pads

"The Lil-Lets panty liners are great for absorbing discharge."


13 January 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I really recommend the Lil-Lets teen starter pack. I'm 13 and have purchased one for my first period and it is brilliant! It has all the important things that you need for your first period, it's all wrapped in cute wrapping and comes with a handy bag which I keep my school period supplies in. The only thing that could be improved is the 'How to insert a tampon' part, as I ended up using a Tampax guide instead as I found that more informative. The other thing is, they are advertised on Amazon for about £12, so do not be fooled by that obscene price! "


07 January 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Hi, I am 13 and when I have my period , my pads get scrunched up in my underwear and don't absorb anything due to them shifting around. I Started when I was 8, which was very unusual as my mum started at 13 , and none of the pads fit in my underwear so I started to use lil-lets and other branded panty liners seemed to work but there is something about the lil-lets teen range that makes me feel more confident and I still use them now. "


05 January 2019

Teens Liners

"amazing "