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The Lil-Lets Team

19 March 2018

Teens Day Pads

"Hi Nicole, I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with regard to the teens range of pads. Feedback is very important to us here at Lil-Lets and If you would be so kind as to send our Consumer Relations team a message, they will look into this problem for you. You can e-mail them at"


18 March 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Love these products they don’t shift and annoy me like most and I started earlier so I love the comforting packaging best packaging ever I haven’t tried the tampons but I think I’ll be impressed I get a lot of pain so it’s good not to have to worry about it moving or annoying me totally recommended these products rock they may be a bit tricky to get hold of some of the products but not too hard love these if ur a teen definitely use these "


16 March 2018

Teens Day Pads

"My daughter is finding her way through the vast number of feminine products and tried lil lets teen pads. Right size for her built and the darn things won’t stick. Really disappointing to see a product that could be really good so poorly glued that it cannot be used unless you sit still for a week a month. I’d suggest you consider spending a little more on the practical aspect of keeping it stuck where it needs to remain. "


14 March 2018

Teens Night Pads

"The products are so nice "


12 March 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Hi FrEyA, our Lil-Lets teens starter pack can be found in larger branches of Boots and Superdrug, or here on our website."


10 March 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"does anyone know if they sell these at co op/ sainsburys because the starter packs seem really good and i would like one for myself :) :) :)"

Little one

07 March 2018

Teens Day Pads

"I’m 20 years old and since i got my period I always struggled to find pads that actually fit me because I’m really tiny (4ft11’) so you can imagine how tiny I actually am. These are fab! They fit perfectly, they don’t move around and are extremely absorbent! 100% would recommend "


06 March 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"So comfortable and soo absorbent! Would recommend "


05 March 2018

Teens Wipes



04 March 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"I’m 13 and I’ve tried to use tampons a couple of times and I’ve only been able to get the tampon 4/5 in because when I push it any higher, it starts to feel really uncomfortable. Are the teen tampons(with the applicator) any smaller than regular tampons? I’d like to start wearing them because summer is coming up and I go to the beach and the pool a lot."


02 March 2018

Teens Day Pads

"How do u open the packet"


01 March 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"These are so good you can barely feel them on "


19 February 2018

Teens Liners

"Hi my sister is 11 I am 15 I tried these they r amazing and my sister has just started her period for the first time i gave her the starter pack lil-let’s is amazing!!! Totally recommend to people!"


19 February 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My little girl will soon be having the puberty talk at school, she is only eight, bless her. I didn't know they could start so young, so I have bought her this starter pack and I'm going to go through it with her."


19 February 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Tampons Super



17 February 2018

Teens Day Pads

"hi I love the day, night, long, liners and the teens bag they are all amazing products and I would really recommend them. they are a perfect size for 8-15 year olds. they are so soft and really comfy to where and if you are doing P.E. they don't move around so to other people it doesn't look like you are wearing a pad also they are so quiet to open if you are in a public bathroom and there are other people near by. This is the main product I use I have at lease one pack of all the products in the teens range. that's how much I love their products. "

Period helper 205

15 February 2018

Teens Day Pads

"Teens long pads They are the best for a moderate to Heavy flow. "

Period helper 205

12 February 2018

Teens Day Pads

"These pads are awesome I use the day long and night because I have a heavy flow. But these pads are absolutely amazing. I have used no other pads but these since my first period which I got when I was 10 and I am now 13"


09 February 2018

Teens Day Pads

"The Lil-Lets teens day pads are amazing. My daughter absolutely loved them for her first period."


05 February 2018

Teens Wipes

"I use there day pad and night pads . That are great no leakage!!! They are also soft I’m going try more . This website is amazing. "