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07 July 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"I am not one for writing reviews but I feel this product needs to be shouted about! Im a woman in her 30's and have always found tampons uncomfortable but these are amazing! Easy to use and honestly so comfy! I never believed people when they said that they couldn't feel their tampon as I always knew it was there but with these theres nothing and I do genuinely forget its there. I would highly recommend to anyone and don't just think they are for young girls. My flow can be quite heavy some days and ive had no leaks. Thank you lil-lets!!!"


07 July 2018

Teens Long Pads

"I've used the teen range since I was 10 and they are right up there with my favourite pads and liners. To moms or teens reading this you should totally get this! They are comfy, absorbant and a great choice."


03 July 2018

Teens Liners

"Doing the laundry tonight I noticed whitish stains in a pair of daughters knickers, she only turned 10 last month😱 At bedtime I asked her if she had noticed it but she said she didn't. I didn't want to scare her so I just explained that it's a healthy normal thing to happen and that I get it too and it usually means that a period is not far away which she seemed to like the sound of as she put it "having what mummy has". She confided in telling me while lifting her nightgown up that she has some "hair down there". Tomorrow I am picking up some liners for her. She is still very much a little girl but her body is beginning to say otherwise."


01 July 2018

Teens Day Pads

"when i was in the year 4 i remember a girl getting her first period. it was kinda strange thinking she was mature enough to get pregnant already. i barely knew the basics of what it meant. i think she might have been confused by it because she was only 10."


28 June 2018

Teens Liners

"I love this product. I use it when I'm on my period and when I'm not"


27 June 2018

Teens Day Pads

"before i started my period i got the lillets teens starter pack, i loved it! i continued to use the little pouch but unfortunately it broke, might buy a new one!! i have now started my periods, ive only had 2 but i really like the lillets teens range, the day pads especially! Now going to learn how to use tampons but will always be a lillets teens user! Xx"


26 June 2018

Teens Day Pads

"I just started my period and I would really like for the teen range to be sold in South Africa❤️"


26 June 2018

Teens Liners

"My dd is 12 and only now getting discharge, she uses these liners. I'm so proud that she is becoming a woman and cannot wait until she tells me that her periods have started."


26 June 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My daughter brought home a letter today, On the 5th of July her class is finally going to be given the year 5 puberty & sex education lesson, I feel the puberty part should have been given at the end of year 4 or the very start of year 5 as some of the girls including my dd have already hit puberty and not all parents explain to their daughters and so by the time they get the talk from school for some it is too late. I covered all this with dd just after turning 9 and I got her this starter pack a which is great for young girls. "


25 June 2018

Teens Liners

"I think My 9yr old might be showing signs that hormones are kicking in, started to have some mood swings and thinking it may be time to start wearing a bra. I started puberty around that age so I’m thinking it maybe a good idea to get her some of the teen liners and the wipes also look a good idea."

Busy Bee

23 June 2018

Teens Liners

"started my periods at at 10 yrs 4 months so just in case my almost 10 year old might follow the same pattern I've bought her various lil-let's products. She has pubic hair and now getting some boob growth, she has started wearing the liners but it's more to do with getting used to wearing them than needing to and she is not shy to let me know when she needs more. she always has pads and wipes with her at all times, just in case."


15 June 2018

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I bought this pack for my daughter, She is only eight but she is worried that her periods might start, she has started to get swollen nipples and already has long blondish hair covering her genital area. It's a great starter pack I wish they had this when I was starting. "


10 June 2018

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Super

"They are really comfy and easy to put in and pull out I would really recommend these for beginners "


02 June 2018

Teens Day Pads

"I use a lot of the teens range from lil-lets. I use all there different kinds of pads and I love them. I think they are a perfect size and they are great to take to school with! So far I havn't had a single leek with them and I'm 99% sure that I will continue to use lil-lets for a long time. Even when I get to old for the tens range I will just go onto the adults range. I highly recommend lil-lets! "


01 June 2018

Teens Liners

"My 9yr old just told me she has "hair" growing " down there"😱😱😱😱 I am so not ready for this. I use Lil-Lets so I came on here looking for advice on what girls use so I will get her some of the liners for now and move onto pads when the time comes."


31 May 2018

Teens Liners

"My daughter is nine and breast buds started about a year ago, her breasts have started to develop more and are very sore, she also has pubic hair. I'm not worried about the changes and we've had a chat about periods, and she seems fine with this in theory. I'm expecting her periods to start soon so I got her these panty liners."


29 May 2018

Teens Day Pads

"These Lil lets teens long pads are amazing and really comfy. I recommend this for tweens and teens age 12 and up. "


27 May 2018

Teens Day Pads

"Hey! So I used lil-lets as my first product. I then just brought another brand 'ALWAYS' and regret buying them. Lil-lets are super comfy and convinient. But I am a teen with a heavy flow. I wish that there were maxi ultra pads from lil-lets so I don't have to change my pad every hour."

Kayla G.

25 May 2018

Teens Liners

"My dd is 8.5. She had a little hair down below for ages but has suddenly become full on adult pubic hair. Small breast buds developing and this week discovered a few under arm hairs which she is not impressed about! We openly discuss periods etc so is quite well informed. Bought her some of the lil-lets teen liners this week which has reassured her as she is worried periods are imminent - I hope not! She is horrified at the thought of telling anyone at school if she does start but we have discussed lots of 'what ifs' just in case. It just seems so much is happening at a young age."


22 May 2018

Teens Liners

"these are very helpful for everyday. thanks!"