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26 February 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"The super plus extra has been a god send, since developing heavy periods 18 months ago, and no leaks like with other brands, and I don't have to use a pad anymore wished you made the ultra in applicator form too, as I need them for the first couple of days "


10 September 2017

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"Just wanted to let you know I think these are fab! Never tried your compact applicator range before but much better than the usual brand I have been buying 😜 Comfortable every time!"


31 May 2017

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super Plus

"By far the best I've ever tried! Extremely comfortable and I won't use anything else!"

Lisa b

17 March 2017

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super

"These are the only tampons with applicators that expand with ways.... I find them so comfortable I won't use any others "


09 March 2017

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super

"I am so impressed with these, they are so comfortable due to expanding in width rather than length and have prevented any leaking that I've experienced with other brands. Brilliant product very well designed tampons! "

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