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27 July 2018

Super Soft Pads Normal

"These work grate!!!"


24 March 2018

Super Soft Pads Long

"The teen pads are too small for me so i decided to try the adult ones but they are too big. I definitely can't use either. The teen ones don't cover all of where the blood goes. The adult ones are too big and uncomfortable and they are very noticeable. Is there any products almost in-between? But still is good for a heavy flow? "


09 January 2018

Super Soft Pads

"I just had to write a review! After many years of periods, (now not far away from the end) someone has finally designed a pad that is comfortable, absorbs well, long enough in the right places, and stays where it's stuck! Absolutely the best pad I have ever used! Well done lil-lets!! Good news for all the young girls just starting out! "


21 November 2017

Super Soft Pads



21 October 2017

Super Soft Pads

"I just started and i 100% reccomed this!"


04 September 2017

Super Soft Pads

"These are the best pads I've ever used! Being more of a tampon kind of girl, I never thought I'd find a pad I liked. They stick to you, they feel damp etc etc but not this pad! It was super soft and comfortable! "


26 July 2017

Super Soft Pads Long

"So soft! But I really need some of the light blue ones , normal, but you don't have any on the website. I purchase my products online so please let me know when they will be back in stock on the website. Thanks "


18 July 2017

Super Soft Pads

"lil-lets when i buy do i have to pay using a bank account or when the package arrives. basically because i dont want my parents to know"


15 May 2017

Super Soft Pads

"Hi Sarah, thanks for the great feedback and we are pleased to hear you love our Super Soft range of pads. Currently they are available on Ocado's website and of course here at Lil-Lets."


14 May 2017

Super Soft Pads Night

"Super soft range is fabulous, tesco did stock but not don't! What went wrong? I need the pale blue and dark blue packets, where can I get them Please. "


11 April 2017

Super Soft Pads

"Hello, I really like your Lil-lets night time pads in this range and the fresh lock but i can't seem to find them anywhere. When will you start stocking them again as i hate wearing anything else, and the night time range is perfect with the extra wings at the back."


29 March 2017

Super Soft Pads Long

"Hi Zozo, thanks for the fabulous feedback. Our range of super soft pads have been so well received since launch, we have temporarily run out of stock. You may be pleased to learn that our Freshlock range of soft pads is now available in Savers in all variants and may be a suitable replacement until super soft night pads are back in stock."


25 March 2017

Super Soft Pads Long

"I love the feel but my favourite thing about lil lets is the shape of the night pad and I can't seem to order these in night only long or normal. Disappointed 😔 "


11 November 2016

Super Soft Pads

"These pads are amazing!"


24 October 2016

Super Soft Pads

"Anyone who liked the freshlock pads will love these new lil-lets pads. I thought I had found the perfect pad in the freshlock range and was really disappointed when I was informed by lil-lets that they had been discontinued. I tried the drylock but found them plasticy,sweaty and uncomfortable. Then I tried these soft pads. They are even better than the freshlock. Please please please do not discontinue these ones Lil-lets."

Busy mum

09 October 2016

Super Soft Pads

"I saw these at a large supermarket. Use the tampons regularly. These are quality pads. I felt dry all day. They keep you dry and comfortable,even on a heavy day. I will stock up on these. Best pads by far. Hope the other supermarkets start stocking them too. Quality at am extremely good price."


21 April 2016

Super Soft Pads