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23 February 2016

Ultra Freshlock Pads

"Hi Mummybrainz, we've recently introduced our NEW Lil-Let Super Soft pads into the Lil-Lets range, they are sold exclusively to Tesco Stores and if you would like to trial a pack with our compliments, drop our consumer relations team an e-mail."


22 February 2016

Ultra Freshlock Pads Night

"Once I'd discovered the Ultra Freshlock range of pads, they were the only ones I would buy. I loved the soft feel, the quiet resealable wrapper, the odour-masking property... and even the cute drawstring bags brought a little bit of prettiness to an otherwise gruesome business... I have just started having periods again after a 2 year break caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am devastated to find that no shops sell Lil-Lets pads any more!!! I used to buy them in Asda or Superdrug I think. I really hope this is because Lil-Lets are planning a major re-launch of these life-changing pads!!! I can't be the only person who thought they were marvellous?? It would be amazing if they could be stocked in all supermarkets, I'm keeping my fingers crossed... P.S. Bring back the drawstring bags!"


04 February 2016

Ultra Freshlock Pads Long

"The only pads that do not give me a rash.. and are long enough to make me feel comfortable at all time no matter what I am doing: Ultra FreshLock-Long. One time I mistakenly got the Drylock and I was miserable for days.. do not do that mistake like I did.. Drylock feels like Always (plastic-like fabric) not great for sensitive skin!"


09 December 2015

Ultra Freshlock Pads

"Hi. Well I used the ultra lock night pads for the first time. I was really impressed. I love the extra coverage at the back, such a great idea. I will definitely be making these my regular pad. "


03 December 2015

Ultra Freshlock Pads

"Hi LV. Thank you for your feedback. You will be able to buy our soft Freshlock pads in Superdrug, Savers or our online shop."


07 November 2015

Ultra Freshlock Pads Night

"I have used these pads now for about four years now and I absolutely love them. I changed to these because other brands would make me sore by the end of my period and I would dread each month. I was so fed up I thought I would try something different so I tried the lil-lets pads I never looked back I have never had problems with the lil-lets. I like the way they fit, I feel secure with them, especially as I am someone who's periods are quite heavy. The only thing that I'm not happy with is the fact I can not find them so easily now. Most of the shops have stopped selling them, which makes me very sad, I don't want to have to go back to the other brands as I have finally after many years found a pad that I am comfortable with. "


03 November 2015

Ultra Freshlock Pads

"Unfortunately you seem to have changed the you have changed the structure/fabric of the pads and my 5 star rating is now barely 2. Pads used to be a much better feel and skin friendly whereas the recently bought ones appear to be more like ALWAYs brand and seem to give me a rash. I was so pleased with previous material, could let me know if the old style is still sold anywhere, otherwise I will need to look for a new brand? Dissapointed.. :-("