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14 August 2018

Ultra Drylock Long

"Absolutely love these. Only pads I am able to use and prevents any form of leak, I have a very heavy period in which these are really good for as all the blood goes too the bottom and doesn’t have a layer on the top. Highly recommend. "


20 June 2018

Ultra Drylock

"Hi Thrillseeker, thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear you were disappointed with our Ultra Drylock pads. It may be that you would prefer our Super Soft range. Please drop our Consumer Relations Team an e-mail at and they will assist you further."


13 June 2018

Ultra Drylock

"The new top sheet. Oh my days, the new top sheet is like clingfilm. Your old products were amazing, soft, breathable and comfortable. I could pop them on and forget about them but I've recently tried your new lot out and resulted to tissue paper until I can run into town tomorrow because of how plasticy they are. Irritated me more than the scented stuff."


05 January 2018

Ultra Drylock

"Hi Sarah, I would confirm that larger branches of Superdrug stock our Lil-Lets Drylock pads, along with our online store."


04 January 2018

Ultra Drylock Long

"I use these as they are the only pad I can use comfortable and I don't get and reaction from them, but where ever I go now shops are not selling them now which I am very disappointed about as it took me ages to find the right pad for me. Now I am having to 're do this process just because no where had them in stock. I am hoping you don't stop doing them all together. "


21 December 2017

Ultra Drylock

"I only buy these due to allergies but now every shop in my area has stopped selling them. I can't have any other due to the gel /perfume and dye used on them. now buy straight from the company is my only option "


28 September 2017

Ultra Drylock

"i am working at a pads company in Turkey. We buy and view other pads. We purchase your product in Dubai. when i came back to Turkey, i investigated and tried to Lil-lets pads. So i love it. But there are any Lil-lets pads in Turkey. Could you please send out this products to Turkey.İf I want to see this pads in Turkey, in this time i'll buy it right away. Thank you."


14 September 2017

Ultra Drylock Long

"To be honest at first I was sceptical about the dry lock but I actually found them so much better. Can't find them in local drug stores easily now though which is sad. They just provided a great, secure pad which as a wheelchair user who is sat down all the time... It was super absorbent and just a general life saver. Used lil lets products from day 1 and will continue to if the quality remains. :)"


10 August 2017

Ultra Drylock

"I tryed your teens day pads and found they were too small so can only use as a soft liner with wings but I decided to try these older dry lock but the material is very plastic like and the wrapper is mesh so nothing is hidden not very discreet !"


30 July 2017

Ultra Drylock

"Great to find a pad that has that extra on the back for when you're asleep, it would be perfect if it also it had another inch or two on the front! Currently having to wear two, one in each direction! Great absorbancy though. "


04 June 2017

Ultra Drylock

"Hi Maud, thank you for your feedback. You may be pleased to learn that Lil-Lets currently has three different types of pads available. Freshlock, which you may have used previously and our new Super Soft pads. Drop our consumer relations team an e-mail and they will send you a pack of these to trial."


03 June 2017

Ultra Drylock Long

"I've used lil lets pads for five years now and absolutely loved them for being that rare thing, a pad with a paper/cotton top sheet but when I went to stock up recently I discovered that they'd been changed to horrible sweaty plastic like all the others. I returned all but the open packet and will now be using always sensitive as it has a similar feel to your old product. I'm very disappointed lil-lets, you've lost a customer. "


27 May 2017

Ultra Drylock Night

"amazing product it absorbs so much you should by this they sell these's at your local BOOTS,SUPERDRUG OR BUY ONLINE. thanks lil lets xxxx tracey"

Lil-Lets Feedback

11 April 2017

Ultra Drylock

"Some Lil-Lets pads have the on-pack claim “micro gel beads lock in fluid for all over absorption” which refers to the super absorbent polymer (SAP) that absorbs fluid to form a gel and is widely used throughout the absorbent hygiene industry. This SAP material is not a plastic and is not likely to reach the marine environment and should not be confused with the plastic micro beads that are the subject of the UK government ban."

I use pads

09 April 2017

Ultra Drylock

"I was looking at this new pads too, loved the old ones, but this new ones use micro beads....I thought they are not good for the environment? Why still use it? Considered that the company just changed them newly?! I know human, specially women/ babies produce a lot of rubbish everyday, we need to use more toilet papers, tapoms or pads /nappies more than men, so in new products, women pads for environmental friendly should be invented and investigated in more."


25 February 2017

Ultra Drylock Long

"This new plastic top sheet is new and I'm extremely disappointed. There is a reason women have been trusting you for 60 years, please go back to the old lovely cotton top sheet. I don't know if a single woman that likes to wear plastic pads. I highly agree with this comments, cotton top sheet was brilliant and now I have to buy some plastic pads fron different brand... So shame... "


22 January 2017

Ultra Drylock Night

"I'm a 22 year old & I absolutely love these pads! I've been using them for well over a year. I find them very comfortable and love how they go wider at the back in order to provide more protection"


14 November 2016

Ultra Drylock Night

"Do you ship to south africa????? "


17 October 2016

Ultra Drylock

"Hi Jane, I am very sorry to learn of your disappointment with regard to our Drylock range of pads and that you are struggling to find a stockist of our NEW super soft pads in your area. Please drop our Consumer Relations team an e-mail and they will be able to locate your nearest stockist and send you out a pack to trial. You can either click on The Contact Us link at the bottom of the page or send an e-mail to"


16 October 2016

Ultra Drylock

"Since tampons no longer seem to agree with me I've been on the hunt for the best towel to replace them. I thought I'd found that with lil-lets fresh lock range - they were super comfy and soft and secure. I could forget I was wearing them. I purchased a new pack recently, only to discover that they have been altered and "updated" to this dry lock thing. Why??? Why ruin what was the best pad around by making it plasticy,uncomfortable, sweaty and horrible? I went out today in search of the new super soft ones but can't find them, even in the massive Tescos. So very disappointed. Who thought this new version was a good idea? "