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15 October 2018

Everyday Liners

"Think it's amazing that you get 50 for only £1!! Absolutely amazing as money isn't good for me but finally found a solution, definitely recommended to anyone "


03 October 2018

Everyday Liners

"Great quality liners at a great price! "


25 July 2018

Everyday Liners

"Amazing liners "


29 April 2018

Everyday Liners

"Hi! I haven’t started my period yet but recently y mum has bought me the lil-lets teen starter pack and I take it everywhere with me (just in case 😂 ). Although I haven’t started yet, I have started to use pantyliners, which I find very useful, so I’m going to buy a new pack of 50 pantyliners for my discharge! Thank you so much lil-lets x"


17 September 2017

Everyday Liners

"amazing "


28 August 2017

Everyday Liners

"I prefer these liners to most liners that I have previously tried. There are so many in a pack for such a good price. Very convenient, good value, definitely buy these if you're looking for good quality liners."


01 August 2017

Everyday Liners

"Not trying to be rude just helpful the side of the linners come apart from the sticky backing so are not ideal"

girl 12

21 July 2017

Everyday Liners

"do you pay using a bank account or when it arrives "


01 June 2017

Everyday Liners

"came in the post today and are the best liners i have tried"


22 May 2017

Everyday Liners

"I wear them everyday to school perfect "


07 June 2016

Everyday Liners Essentials

"Fantastic product but since I got the first pack I have never seen them stocked anywhere again"


02 January 2016

Everyday Liners Essentials

"I haven't tried them but much better priced that most other liner!"


23 December 2015

Everyday Liners

"i have never tride this jet but now i wil super great "


02 November 2015

Everyday Liners

"I love these and you should send me some "