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23 June 2017

Teens Day Pads

"these are honestly the best, they are so comfortable and you cant feel them at all, makes my period so much better."


19 June 2017

Teens Starter Pack

"Hi Cindy, if your daughter has started to notice some of the signs of puberty, then she will have questions and now is the time to speak to her about her body and the changes she many expect over the coming years. We also have a website called Becoming a Teen that covers all aspects of puberty in a format your daughter will find easy to understand, including Breast Buds and First Periods."


18 June 2017

Teens Starter Pack

"I bought this starter pack for my 9yr old daughter as I want her to be prepared so when she does start she has everything she needs, I also bought her an extra pack of the liners which she wears on weekends so she gets used to wearing/changing them. They are a perfect fit/size and she cannot feel she is wearing one."


17 June 2017

Teens Day Pads

"i love these products as they helped me so much growing up with my period"


16 June 2017

Teens Starter Pack

"My daughter is only eight but I think she might be starting to get breast buds, is it too early to start talking to her about periods??????"

Georgia , 13

11 June 2017

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons

"Really helpful . Suited to teens and kids. Will always use Lillets"


25 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Great love them ! I tried other brands and were very un comfortable : however these are great ."


24 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Any advice on how often i should change the day pads?"


20 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Lilets Teen Pads are amazing as many other brands aren't fit for young girls and you can feel it in your underwear and it is very uncomfortable. However, Lilets Teens fit you lovely and you can hardly feel the towel. "


17 May 2017

Teens Night Pads

"Really comfy and soft definitely recommend !! "


13 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"Has anyone started their periods yet??"


13 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"I love these so much! Thanks for the pretty packaging! 😉 "


07 May 2017

Teens Starter Pack

"Hey there! Just wanted to say the day pads have saved my life I used to hate my period but now I form mind it as much because of these fab pads "

Sweet Saji

05 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"I really recommend these night pads to all the girls.. very helpful :-)"

Lil brown girl

01 May 2017

Teens Day Pads

"I just started to wear these pads and it feels like there is almost nothing in your pants and they are so small if yourequired new to periods I strongly advice these 😊😊💜💜💜"

Tia rosa

12 April 2017

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Super

"Ive been using lil lets for a long time to help me go through puberty as im only just a teenager i have used lotsnof your sample packs abd you are a million time's better than always. As that is what my school uses."

Lupy lu

10 April 2017

Teens Day Pads

" Hi 👋, Just got the best pads of the world literally,slim,thin,unoticable and I really recommend this to all the girls out there , before or after their period. Thank you lil-lets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Confused mother

08 April 2017

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"Hi lil-lets my daughter is on her period but I can find the applicator tampons anywhere around my local area or any of the boots or Superdrug's. Any ideas where I could find them? This product is great, just a shame I can't find any"

Lil Lets Lover

03 April 2017

Teens Night Pads

"Amazing I had just started my period about 2 days ago and it was pretty heavy my mum rushed out to get me some night pads because I had none I woke up the next morning and NO LEAK !!"

Cheeky Teen

30 March 2017

Teens Liners

"Great liners"