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  • Hey Vicki, I haven’t started my periods yet but I’ve had discharge for over a year now and I wear a bra size of 32b. I’m 13, and my mum didn’t start here periods until she was 16. Does this mean I will start mine when I’m 16?

    Some girls do follow the same pattern as their mum, sisters or aunties, but not all. From your comments I do not think your period will be too far away now and you might want to start wearing a pant liner to keep your underwear protected whilst out and about.

  • Is it unusual for me to be having discharge in my knickers for over 3 years? I am because I am 12 and I have been getting discharge for a while. Also I have been getting a lot of stomach ache lately. Does this mean I may be ready to start my period? X

    It is doubtful you have had discharge for 3 years, what you have more than likely been noticing is white residue from soaps or shower gels that can collect in the creases of the vagina. Make sure you rinse this area of your body thoroughly to ensure it is kept clean. If you are noticing stomach pain and now believe you have discharge then your period should be with you in the next few months, so make sure you are prepared and have some towels in your school bag or bedroom drawer.

  • Hi Vicki, I'm 12 years old (13 next month) and I have had lots of discharge for 6 months. Is it normal for it to come out white and dry yellowy? Thank You :)

    Yes this is perfectly normal and a sign that your body is working just as it should be.

  • How do you know if it's discharge or a yeast infection?

    Discharge is a clear or creamy yellow fluid that when released will cause no discomfort at all. A vaginal yeast infection is when the vagina and the area around it become irritated. Yeast is a type of fungus that grows naturally in the vagina in small quantities, but occasionally too much yeast is produced and this is when a yeast infection can be noticed and it can make the area quite itchy and uncomfortable. The great news is that they are easily treated and nothing to be concerned about

  • Hi, I get vaginal discharge a lot, and every day it feels damp in my knickers and like I’ve wet myself even though I haven’t. Do you think panty liners will help? Thanks xx

    Yes, I do. Pant liners are a great way of keeping you and your underwear clean and fresh and are also ideal for the beginning and end of your period when the flow is lighter. You can even wear them before your first period has arrived for protection.

  • Hi Vicki, my discharge is a bit smelly (sort of fishy) but is a normal colour. Do I have an infection?

    It would be very difficult for me to say if you have an infection or not, however if you are not experiencing any irritation or discomfort it is highly unlikely an infection is present. During puberty it is very important to keep your vaginal area extra clean, so pay special attention to this area when bathing and you may also want to try wearing a pant liner that will keep you fresh during the day.

  • Hiya Vicki!!! I don't feel unclean when I have discharge but I want to keep my pants clean cause I'm kinda embarrassed cause my dad sometimes does the laundry and I'm nervous that he'll see! What can I do? :-) thanks x

    Why not try Lil-Lets teens pant liners they are ideal for keeping your underwear clean and fresh and don’t worry too much about your dad noticing any residue in your underwear, I am sure he is more than prepared for the changed puberty is going to bring to his daughter.

  • What is the white/yellow stuff in my underwear?? I’m really embarrassed and worried I’m dirty!!

    The 'stuff' you are describing is discharge and your body's way of keeping your vagina healthy and in good working order. Discharge can change in both colour and appearance during the month and can vary from being creamy yellow to light brown. It’s also not unusual, for it to be thicker or runnier depending on where you are in your monthly cycle (even if you haven’t started your periods). Lots of girls find wearing a pant liner in their underwear keeps them feeling clean and fresh throughout out the day.

  • Why do girls have discharge and how do I know if I’ve got it?

    Discharge is just your body's way of keeping your vagina healthy and in good working order and it’s a perfectly normal part of puberty and your transition into becoming a young woman.

  • Hiya Vicki What is thrush? X

    Thrush is a yeast like infection that can occur in the vagina and whilst it may be uncomfortable it is easily treatable.

  • Hey, Vix, I have started my periods but am still getting discharge in between is this right!

    Yes, it is absolutely normal to continue experiencing discharge after your periods have started and this can continue for some girls into their early twenties.