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  • i know this may sound weird however my discharge come at a certain time of month, i just call it my discharge period. why would it only be at a certain time of month?

    Discharge is based around hormone levels and as these can change from day to day within the month and is very normal.

  • Hi Vicki! I have been having a lot of discharge lately it's embarrassing when my mum does the laundry is it normal for me to be having so much discharge at 11 yrs 10 mths it is a white colour or sometimes creamy yellow it makes me feel as if I have wet myself. What does this mean ? I have discharge everyday .

    Discharge is often noticed on a daily basis and from time to time quite a bit of fluid is released. If you feel it may help why not consider wearing pant liners.

  • Hi vicki I'm 12 years old I haven't started my period yet but I had white discharge for a bit. But now it's gone a brown colour Today. What should I do I? Im scared. Is there anything wrong? Xx

    This could be your period, so please put a pad or liner in your underwear and see if any more fluid is lost over the next couple of days...and if so have a chat to your mum or the person who cares for you and share this news with them.

  • Hi, is it normal for discharge to suddenly become brown-ish?
    Thanks x

    If discharge becomes brown, then it is almost certainly your period arriving and something you should share with your mum or the person show cares for you.

  • hey vicki
    ive been getting thick, white,smelly stuff on my pants!what is it, please help x
    love nikki xox
    please answer in discharge section!

    Hi Nikki, this is discharge and your body's way of keeping your vagina clean and free from infection.

  • I would like to know is it a good idea to practise using a liner and wipes before your period when you've got your discharge

    Lots of people wear pant liners to keep their underwear clear of discharge and wipes too keep you feeling clean and fresh even before their period arrives as both of these products are ideal.

  • Hi Vicki
    I'm 11 (12 in January ) and been having discharge for a year and a half almost size aa bra quite a bit of pubic hair and armpit hair anyway when do you think I should start as I have being having cramps everyday practically for the last 7 months also 3 of my friends have started 1 was 10 when she started and the others year six. I really want my period as I'm jelous as I want to feel normal and experienced is this normal

    Your period will arrive when your body feels the time is right just for you. This is not a competition and it really does not pay to compare your progress with that of others, you are normal and the fact that you have so many signs of puberty shows this, so please be patient and see what the next few months bring.

  • Hi Vicky!

    Recently, when my discharge dries a tiny bit of it crusts over greenish! Also there is a slight odour, what is happening! Please reply, Tasha x💕

    Hi Tasha, discharge often has a green tinge to it when it dries and a slight odour too. Why not consider wearing pant liners on a daily basis and having some of our fabulous teens freshen-up wipes to use after visiting the toilet, this will help with the odour and leave you feeling clean and fresh too!

  • hey Vicki my down there gets very sweaty and starts to smell of discharge and when i touch that part of my trousers and smell my hand it smells
    answer this question please
    Kendall xx

    Hi Kendall, why not consider wearing a pant liner on a daily basis to capture any discharge or urine released and remember to wash this area daily if possible.

  • My discharge smells is this normal

    Discharge does have a slight odour to it, but if it is offensive then it may be mixed wth sweat, urine or faeces. So it is important to pay extra special attention to this area when washing daily and when you visit the toilet always make sure you have wiped this area thoroughly with toilet tissue. You may even find using our Lil-Lets teens pant liners and freshen-up wipes is useful too.

  • I've had my period for a few years and still get discharge and it's gotten worse than before. There is a strong odor which scares me that I might have an infection. I can't buy pant liners.

    Discharge can continue in between your periods and up until your early twenties. If there is an odour it could be that discharge is mixing with urine or faeces and for this reason it is very important to keep this area clean by bathing/washing daily and wiping the area thoroughly after visiting the toilet.

  • Hi vicki-
    I have had very heavy discharge at all times for the past few months. It suddenly stopped earlier this week. Do you know what this means?

    Discharge often stops and starts with breaks of several days being very common. It's nothing to worry about and all very normal.

  • Hi ive had discharges for a year and something i also have pubic hair breast developing etc and for the last 2/3 weeks my discharges got really thick and gone different they got in my pants really bad and also starts to stink what should i do?

    Keeping yourself extra clean during puberty is very important and you may find wearing our Lil-Lets teens pant liners every day will help keep any odours at bay.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I've been getting discharge for quite a long time now, but my period hasn't happened yet. I was wondering when it might happen and if it's close? Thanks!

    Discharge can often be noticed for between 6-12 months, sometimes even longer so please try not to worry.

  • hi
    I have discharge every day sometimes my vagina itches and ill itch it (with pants on) but anyway if I smell my hnd afterwards it smells a lot like fish is this the discharge or something else

    This is a mixture of discharge, sweat and urine and you may find wearing pant liners will stop the irritation.

  • Hello
    Just a quicky is using scented panty-liners okay for discharge? Xx
    Thanks lily

    Hi Lily, yes it's fine.

  • Today I felt stuff co,em out into my pants I looked in my pants and it was all wet with thick white discharge in it? I'm 12 and havnt started my period and was wondering if this was mucas?

    This is discharge and your body's way of keeping your vagina clean and free from infection. It is very normal and a sign that your period may not be too far away.

  • I really want to tell my mum about my discharge but can never seem to bring myself to do it I can't send her the e card any ideas on how to start the conversation ways to make it less awkward p.s I dont want to write it down or text her. Love sadie xxx

    Hi Sadie, I am sure your mum already knows you have discharge as she will see it when she does the weekly laundry. She will also understand it is very normal and nothing to worry about.

  • Im nearly 15 and for the past week I've been getting a lot of discharge. Its clear and odourless and doesn't itch or hurt but there is a lot of it every day and it feels really wet and horrible. I sometimes wear pantyliners but im worried somethings wrong. Ive also not started my periods and all my friends have. What should i do?

    There really is nothing to worry about, discharge can very often be clear in colour and the amount produced can vary from day to day. It is also a great sign that your period is not too far away so make sure you have some pads or liners with you in preparation.

  • Hi vicki! Big fan of your blog, it's been a great help. I had my period last week, but I only had discharge for about 1 month before hand. Is this normal? Thank you so much!

    This is normal and nothing to worry about, some girls never experience discharge which is very normal too.

  • Vicky, I've been having discharge for about a year and a half and I've heard a lot of people say they use pant liners for discharge.. I don't, is that okay? It goes onto my pants but it gets washed off in the washing machine!! Xx

    There is no need to use pant liners if you are comfortable with discharge and as you say; it easily washes out of underwear once washed. It really is a personal choice.

  • Hi can I wear a pad for my discharge? Its really heavy and a liner doesn't hold all of it thank you

    If you wish, or you may find changing your liner a couple of times a day is also a good idea.

  • Hey Vicky
    I've had discharge for over a year and a half now and still no period??
    My breasts are 30A/B
    I'm always concious about this and I can smell it
    I'd love you to answer thanks xxx

    Discharge does have a slight odour which can often be made worse if mixed with perspiration, urine or faeces, so please make sure you wipe this area thoroughly after visiting the toilet and consider wearing pant liners to help capture both the sweat and discharge. Finally, I am sure you will not have much longer to wait before the arrival of your period, so please don't worry.

  • Hi Vicki, i have had discharge for about three years now - when do you thin i will start? also i have really discharge and it normally goes through my pants/ liner! please help x


    With discharge noticed for such a long time, I doubt you will have much longer to wait. If you find your current pant liner does not hold this fluid, consider a different brand, or changing more often.

  • Hey,
    I just have a quick question much discharge are you surpossed to get and how often is it surpossed to occur if you havnt started your periods yet?
    From lily xx

    Hi Lily, some people notice discharge on a daily basis, others every now and then and the amount produced, its colour and texture can vary from day to day and person to person too. Why not read about this subject by visiting our Puberty tab on the website.

  • Hi Vicky! My discharge has a strong odour and I dont think its normal, please help!!!

    Discharge does have a slight odour, but if this is becoming stronger it may be that it is mixed with sweat, urine or faeces. So in future ensure you always wipe this area thoroughly after visiting the toilet and consider wearing pant liners and using our Lil-Lets teens freshen-up wipes.



  • Is discharge kind of gooey?or can It be as if you've got a bit of flour and got it on your clothes because I've just gone to the toilet and it was stuck in side my pants?xx

    Discharge is a clear mucus that is produced by the glands found at the entrance to the vagina together with normal secretions found on the walls of the vagina.  It is normal for discharge to dry hard and stick to your pubic hair and knickers so you might like to consider using pant liners and Lil-Lets teens Freshen-Up wipes as they will help you to keep feeling fresh and clean down there.

  • Every day I get discharge in my underwear and even if I have showered recently I can smell an odour that is highly unpleasant if I open my legs for too long and was wondering if I have an infection? Thank you :)

    If you find the odour particularly unpleasant, you should ask your mum or guardian to book an appointment with your GP for peace of mind.

  • He VickiOk so I'm now 13 and haven't has my period I'm starting to get a little worried as I have realised I'm getting clear gooey stuff In my nickers and I was wondering is it normal to be at my age and haven't started ?

    The best way of knowing when your period might arrive is when you've been releasing discharge for between 6-12 months.  Discharge is a clear mucus that is produced by glands found at the entrance to the womb together with normal secretions found naturally on the walls of the vagina.  It works to keep our vaginas clean and free of infection and also lets us know that our bodies are getting ready for when our period arrives and this is usually within 6-12 months.

  • Hi there,
    I am new to this sight and i am finding it quite helpful i was woundering if i could ask you a question? I am 12 and i have been getting discharge quite heavily but havnt started by period, is this normal and if it carries on should i start wearing pantie liners so my pants arnt always filled with discharge at the end of the day?
    Thank you!

    Welcome to Ask Vicki - I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.  It is normal to release discharge for between 6-12 months before your period arrives and pant liners will not only help to keep you feeling fresh and clean down there, they will also protect you from possible leakage should your period arrive.

  • do you grow nipples? and how do you tell the difference between urine and discharge?

    thanks , from sharonn

    Hi Sharonn, we are all born with nipples and as our breasts develop, nipples naturally become bigger.  Discharge is a clear mucus produced by glands found at the entrance to the womb together with normal secretions found on the walls of the vagina.  It is released from the vagina whereas urine is released from the urethra and is a thinner fluid.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I have had my discharge for a long time now and I'm only 11. In the day I feel a bit wet and uncomfortable so I asked my mum for some wipes and liners and looked at the starter packs. She said no! I think she is a bit nervous about letting me have them but I don't think she understands that I am uncomfortable,
    please help me what can I do?

    Talk to your mum and explain how using pant liners will help you feel more comfortable down there.  They will also protect you from possible leakage should your period arrive.

  • Dear Vicki
    Is discharge everyday or just a few days a month (when your period will be)
    Thanks xxx

    This can vary, some people experience it every day, others just from time to time, either way it is very normal and nothing to be anxious about.