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  • How many questions do you answer on one go?
    Thankss just wondering

    That really does depend on what jobs I have for the day ahead. If I am busy during the day I generally answer questions at night instead.

  • When do breat buds go away ???? Do they ever go away ??

    Breast buds continue to develop into breast tissue and form part of your breast.

  • Hi vicki
    I had my first period but it only lasted a day and inread they should last 2-7 days what should i do?

    Very often first periods are quite short and this is nothing for you to be concerned about.

  • Hello vicki, so for a while now I've been experiencing these voices coming from my head. They only occur when I'm on my own never normally when I'm with my family or friends. They're not telling me to do stuff horrible it just sometimes says horrible things. I don't know if I'm getting so paranoid about it I make it happen and don't realise it's me doing it. Sometimes it says nice things and I don't know what's happening, I'm 14 and a girl. What would you say this is?

    I would have a chat to your parents about this matter, it could simply be your journey to adulthood is leaving you with lots of questions in your head that you are trying to work out. But as always if you are at all concerned have a chat to someone.

  • 26 under
    28 bust

    What bra size am I
    Do I need one
    Everyone else has bras apart from me

    30AA is your size and you can find bras in this size, but if you prefer to continue going without or wearing a crop top, then this is fine too.

  • hey vicki,
    I have been getting a lot more discharge than usual lately. does that mean my period will come soon? I am 13 years old and have never had my period before. and also, will my breast grow after i get my first period because they are awfully small right now


    Hi Madi, breasts continue to grow into a girls late teens or early twenties and you may find my blog entitled " your period is not the end of the story " useful. As for discharge, well this can vary from day to day, but it is not always a sign that your first period is due any day soon.

  • Hi Vicki, i am 12 and really like a boy in my class.I think he likes me but i am not sure.I don't want to ask him incase he doesn't feel the same and it will ruin my chances in the future.What should I do?
    Izzy x

    Hi Izzy, why not wait a while and continue chatting to this boy, if he likes you he will let you know in his own time rather than you asking him out right now when you are unsure of how he feels.

  • Hi Vicki,
    Sometimes I get these mood swings where I am happy one minute and the next minute I just want to cry and I get angry. I have started High School and I am finding it really stressful. I also have found hair under my under arms and my vaginal area. I don't know why I have hairs there and plus I am finding stretch marks. Please help x

    thanks :)

    Hi, I think you will find our sections under the Puberty tab useful, it discusses emotions, changes to your body and so much more.

  • Hi vicki, I'm nearly 16 and I still haven't started my period. Should I be worried ?
    Thank you

    Periods can arrive anytime between the ages of 8-18 so please try not to worry.

  • Hi!
    I'm on my period now and I'm using lil let's range but they AREN'T long enough! The blood came right over the pad... It was really embarrassing so keep the width but just make them longer please! Ta.💙

    Lillie Mai!💖💕❤💙💝💞 Xxxxxxx

    Hi Lillie Mae, if your flow is very heavy you may find our Lil-Lets Freshlock normal pads are a better product for you.

  • Hi viki
    I show
    Pubic and underarm hair Disgorge for 1 year Breast development Mood swings
    And starting yesterday cramps in my lower abdomen
    Will my periods start in the next month or so
    Pls respond asap

    Hi, with so many signs of puberty already noticed I doubt you will have much longer to wait, but as we are all so very different it would be impossible for me or anyone else for that matter to give you an exact time. My advice is to have some pads and liners with you from now on in preparation for its arrival.

  • Hi Vicki!
    How do I prevent leakage at night?

    Wearing good quality sanitary wear is the best way to ensure no leakage occurs during your period. So why not try our Lil-Lets Freshlock night time pads if your flow is very heavy as it has a wider section at one end that can be placed at the front or back of your underwear depending on which way you sleep. If you plan to sleep for no longer than 8 hours, you may find tampons are an ideal solution to leakage problems as they capture fluid from inside the body.

  • Hi vicky,
    Im 13 and I have got hairs and I have got boobs and I have had distarge for a year or 2 and know im just counting the days till I get my period do u know when I might get it another year or 2 to 3 month's ?!???

    Thanks from jade

    Hi Jade, it would be really difficult for me or anyone to predict the exact date for your period, but with so many signs of puberty already noticed you may find that it arrives later this year or early in 2015.

  • Can I wear tampons when I am swimming?

    Yes tampons are ideal for when you want to be in the water and are on your periods and when a pad is not a suitable alternative.

  • Hi,
    so as u have already said periods are usually irregular for the first 2 years. my periods nearly ALWAYS come at night but as they are irregular they always leak. i wear linears but they are not use
    what can i do?

    If you find your period arrives when sleeping, why not consider sleeping with a towel underneath you to catch any fluid released, lots of people do this until their periods are more regular and they can judge their flow.

  • Hello Vicki,
    I have this huge crush on a boy, but my best friend (he"s also a boy) has a major crush on me. I honestly have no idea what to do. Thanks for the helpxx

    Make it clear to this boy how great it is to be such good friends without romance being involved, he will soon get the message and you might also want to drop the odd hint about how much you like this other boy, so he is in no doubt about your true feelings.

  • can you get pregnant when you haven't had your first period

    In very rare circumstances yes this can happen, especially if the girl in question is close to her first period.

  • Hi Vicky I asked this question 50 times how can I tell my parents that I am bisexual

    As you go through puberty it’s not unusual for you to have quite strong feelings for someone else even someone of the same sex as yourself. For some people these feelings stop and they go on to have relationships with the opposite sex as they get older. But for others these feelings never go away, but as with any new feelings they should be allowed to develop and not be rushed.  Why not wait until you are sure about the way you feel and then sit down and tell your family of your decision.  Your family are bound to be surprised by your news and may need to take some time to adjust, so don’t be surprised if they are a little bit negative in the beginning this is an anxious time for them too.  Eventually most parents are happy to accept the choice their children have made and in time will more than likely feel proud that their child told them in person. If you feel you may need some more advice on this subject you can call Childline on 0800 1111, they have trained counsellors who can help you and give you some guidance on this matter.

  • hi vicki last week i got some drops of blood in my pant an the next other day nothing happened and am worried because that was not my period

    Try not to worry whether it was your period or not. The moment has passed and if you keep some pads and liners with you from now on, you will always be prepared for anything.

  • Hi vicki, can you give me some tips on how to approach a boy please? He is one year younger so I dont want it to be weird with his friends or anything..

    If you are sure that this boy likes you as much as you like him, why not organise a group outing at the weekend, making sure he is invited too, this is a great way for you to be alone with this boy without causing too much attention.