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  • Hi! I have been friends with this guy for a while, but I kind of want to be more than friends. He is comfortable with me touching his hair and we walk home together. My friends tease us about being a couple and he blushes slightly. I see him looking my way once in a while, but I do sit with a few other really pretty girls. Thanks for your time!

    Continue being friends with this boy and I am sure if he likes you as more than just a friend he will let you know.

  • I kinda already asked this but uh I'm 12 turning 13 in august weigh 107 pounds and I'm 5'3 or 5'4 I had my period at the end or my sixth grade year and I wear a 32a bra size but I don't think its the right size is it possible for my bra size to be a 30b

    You really do have to measure yourself again as it is not always a case of going up a cup size, you may need a wider under bust size too.

  • if i weigh 128 pounds 5'7 and 13 turning 14 in aug. and had my period when i first started 7th grade what would my average bra size be i tell people im a size 34b and they believe it cause i sometimes where a bathing suit top under my clothes but im going to stop i dont think im even an a cup

    You really would have to measure your underbust and over bust for me to comment on this.

  • when my breasts are very uneven in size would that mean they are growing? how would I know and I've had my period about 3 or 4 times and i feel like they haven't grown at all

    Breasts continue to develop into our late teens or even early twenties and even when fully developed one breast is often larger or shaped differently to the other.

  • Hi Vicki,
    So i'm 13 year old and got my 2nd period about a week ago.I don't shave my legs because I am not allowed but I noticed that my leg hair started to fall out.Now I have little dots on my legs where I don't have hair and the hair is less then usual.I am a bit worried about this because it's not very usual thing and I don't know what is causing it.Please tell my if it has to do something with my period or its something else.
    Thanks xoxo

    Hair anywhere on your body has a life cycle and will fall out at some point. To add to this if you wear jeans or close fitting tights or leggins the hair can be rubbed away, so please try not to worry.

  • Their is a boy I really like he as me for my phone number on the first day on high school and he ask asked questions like have you got a boyfriend and he is all talking to me and has said sit with me but the only thing is he has had lots of girlfriends so I don't know if he likes me or just would like to be friend.

    Hi Isabelle, until you know for sure why not be happy being just friends for now rather than another girlfriend.

  • I have started my period and I am a 11 years old but my friends think I am really early to have started I am just worried that I am really early

    A period can arrive anytime between the ages of 8-18 so you are certainly not the only girl to get their first period at this age and you have nothing to be worried or anxious about. You may find all the great articles and blogs on our website useful to read.

  • Hi, all of my friends say that she thinks me and this boy suit and should go out,and I like him but the only thing is,he has a girlfriend,he talks to me and we send each other really flirty messages which acts like we are a couple . We are also very can I know if he likes me back😕

    It is unfair for this boy to flirt with you when he is dating someone else and my advice would be to let him know that this is the way you feel, after all how you would you feel if you dated him and he flirted with someone else. The good news is, that after letting him know how you feel, if he does like you he may decide to end his relationship with this girl and date you.

  • Hi vicki I have had discharge for over 2years I have pubic hair and my breasts have developed the discharge can be very thick and sometimes not so thick lately I have had cramps low down is that a sign it is coming soon? thank you Katie ❤️❤️

    Hi Katie, with so many signs of puberty already noticed I doubt you will have much longer to wait before the arrival of your first period, so ensure you are prepared by having some pads and liners with you when out and about.

  • Vicky, me and this boy(J) have been talking to each other for a while now,we kind of have a friends with benefit relationship-without the sex. I've actually started to like him but I know I can't be with him because he already has a girlfriend. J always calls his girlfriend radged and that I should 'ignore her'. We are extremely close and we flirt and we can trust each other a lot! How do I know if he likes me? Thanks

    If this boy already has a girlfriend it would seem unfair that he flirts with you and I am sure if it were you he was dating you would be very upset to see him flirting with another girl. My advice would be to cool your friendship with J or let him know that whilst he is dating this girl he needs to set some boundaries for you both. If he does like you romantically he may just end his relationship with this girl, if not then you will know he has just been flirting and can move on.

  • Hi Vicki
    There is a boy that likes me but I don't like him, what should I do?
    Thanks, Lola

    Hi Lola, let this boy know how great it is that you are just friends and not even a little bit interested in romance. This is a good way of letting someone know you do not fancy them without hurting their feelings too much.

  • Hi when will u be filming the 2015 celebs thanks from Alexis-jade

    Not for a while yet Alexis-Jade as we have yet to finalise our plans for this year. You should expect to see our new plans sometime in late Spring.

  • Hi Vicki, I think I'm going to get my first period soon because I've had discharge for 18 months, my breasts feel tender and I'm getting cramps. However I'm only 36.6kgs though cos I'm small and people say you have to be 45kg.

    I just wanted to know: Can you use tampons on your first period(I'm going on holiday)? If so applicator or not?
    How often should you change your pad? What pads/tampons should I carry in my school bag?
    Also my mum has heavy periods does that mean that I'll be heavy? Thanks

    You do not have to be a certain weight for your period to arrive and this is just a myth. You can use tampons for your first periods but very often it is better to wear a pad so you can get used to your flow and cycle. If you do decide to use a tampon I would consider our Lil-Lets non applicator tampons, shorter and narrower than other brands, whilst still just as absorbent. A pad can be worn for up to 8 hours, but most people change every 3-5 during the day. I would carry our Lil-Lets Starter Pack in your schoolbag as it contains all you need for your period when away from home. Finally, we do not all follow the same pattern as family members for our menstrual cycle, it really is a case of waiting to see what your body has decided for you.

  • Hi Vicky,
    So there is this boy who I have liked a little over a long amount of time, I find him cute and adorable. A long time ago he would make me laugh, then nothing happened But Recently, he has been asking me questions and has been smiling at me,but he is really quiet (like me)so its hard to tell if he likes me or not.I don't know what to do because whenever he asks me questions, I feel as if I don't know what to say, and im scared of embarrassing myself
    Any tips? x

    If he asks you a question then answer it honestly rather than worrying about what is the 'right' answer, by doing this he will get to know you better and you him. Then who knows maybe in the future he will be brave enough to ask you out.

  • Hi Vicki, if you are 18 and you still don't have your period, what do the doctors do to make you have it?

    Most doctors run some blood tests to check your hormone levels and then take it from there with regard to how they advise you further. In most cases the period is simply a little delayed and there is nothing to be worried about.

  • Hi Vicki xx
    So my friend thinks were growing apart! But I don't think so! What can I do to prove that I still love her cause she really is my best friend my chummy!!😘😘

    Other than reassure her from time to time that you are still good friends I do not see what else you can do. You may however want to let her know that as you get older you may find you join new friendship groups which will not impact on your love and friendship for her, but is a healthy way of getting to know others and something you should both be encouraged to do.

  • Can you get tss of you wear a tampon less than 8 hours, like 3-4 hours or is it only over 8 hours?

    For more about TSS please see our main website and remember that anyone can contract this very rare illness and these are simply guidelines for safe use of tampons.

  • Hi im 9.
    My bra siz is 70 under 98 on the boob.
    boys squish my boobs and it hurts i Told th teacher sh si dey r expeimenting .
    I hav my piriod aldo.
    i tried on my mam bra they 34 C her wy too smalll+ can u recomind pads yo me? the other 1s r 2 big.
    Anamelis ( im irish :) )

    Hi Anamelis, based on these measurements your bra size is  a 32F and I have to say in my opinion regardless of whether these boys are curious about breasts or not, they have no right to touch them and I would push their hands away in future if they do. You may find our Lil-Lets teens pads ideal for your period as they are shorter and narrower than other brands and ideal for girls new to menstruation.

  • Hi Vicki I'm 14 and I have 40dd bra size is this normal? Thanks
    123 xx

    There is no right or wrong size for your breasts to be regardless of your age, height or weight so please try not to worry and learn to love your shape no matter what that may be.

  • I sit next to this boy in most of my lessons we dont talk to each other only when the teacher tells us to but other than that we dont and today he snapchatted me and we had a small convosation and he replyed with a :P i didnt know what to reply so i left it hes slightly smaller than me in height and hes an emo but hes cute im only 14 what do i do if i like his bestfriend because hes alot taller and we talk and joke loads

    It really is a case of getting to know both of these boys as friends, making it clear that this is all you are looking for at the moment and then if you decide you like one better you can let him know how you feel, but please don't be put off someone by their height, or how they like to dress, or what their choice of music is.