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  • hi vicci
    im 13 almost 14 ive had my period once over a month ago and havent had it since and ive always had white discharge but yesterday i came to go to the toliet and there was a proper brown colour in my pants and im really worried please awnser i dont know whats wrong me its still brown now thank you im freaking out ;(

    Try not to worry as brown discharge can often present itself as a first period.  Be sure to ask your mum or guardian for some pads and see what happens over the coming weeks and months.

  • Any tips on how to become more organised and stay organised? thanks x

    I always find that writing a list helps to keep me organised so give it a go and see how you get on.  It is also improtant that you get a good night's sleep and feel ready to tackle the day by being focused on what you're doing.

  • Hi viki so Recently everything annoys me, I get frustrated so easily and I can't stay focused at school or stay organised I do quite a lot of clubs which I love put I don't know why I feel so down and lol and really can't bear the thought of getting up and going to school I jsit want to curl in a ball and cry please help me thanks x

    Puberty can be such a difficult and demanding time for teens as they struggle to come to terms with all the emotional and physical changes that are occurring all at once so none of these feelings are your fault.  Serotonin levels (the body's natural happy hormone) are at their lowest leaving teens susceptible to stress so try doing things that make you happy like dancing to your favourite music, watching some funny films and most importantly of all, talk to your family and friends about how you're feeling.

  • HI vicki it's not a question about growing up but please answer it :) <3
    Do you like One Direction ??

    Yes I really do.

  • Hi Vicki, I am unsure of my bra size, I am 13 years old and currently wear a size 34b or 32c but the band is too big. My underbust is 26inches and my bust 32 or 34 leaning over. Using the method from thin and curvy I am 26FF but I feel smaller than most girls. My dad's side are DD or E's but my mums are b's. However, my mum had her period at 16 but I had mine at 11/12. Will I take after my dad's side? my shoulders are similar to my mum's but I have shapelier legs etc. Thanks xxxxx 😘

    Your bra size is a 30B but as this is only a guide, when you go shopping be sure to try on some different styles and sizes of bra until you find one that feels comfortable on you.

  • I'm thirteen now and get discharge. I haven't gotten my period yet but the discharge is getting heavy. Is this a sign or am I just paranoid?

    The best way of knowing when your period might arrive is when you have been releasing discharge for between 6-12 months.

  • Hi vicki!!
    One question...
    Does your period stick to your pubic hair like discharge does? If so it would be so annoying...? Btw I haven't gotten my period yet!

    It is possible for mentrual blood to dry out and stick to your pubic hair so when the time arises, you might like to consider using our Lil-Lets teens Freshen-Up wipes as they will keep you feeling fresh and clean down there.

  • I want to try underwired bras but I heard that's they can stop your breasts from growing. Is this true? I am 13 and a 32B, is that too smal to wear one?

    There is no truth in this.  Underwired bras are perfectly safe to wear so why not try one and see how it feels.

  • Hi vicki
    I hate my school. Everyone in my year is so nasty and too busy trying to be "cool" and "popular" to bother being nice to any one. I only have a few friends but even they can turn nasty sometimes. I try to ignore it but I feel so left out. I told my mum and she said that in a few years time everyone will relise that there are more important thing than being "popular" but I don't want to wait a few years untill this happens cause I hate it! Can you help?

    I wonder if there is a mentor or trusted teacher you can talk to at school - you could suggest that your school does an assembly on the whole question that you raise.  I agree with you in saying that it's easy for people to get caught up in wanting to fit in and be 'popular' when they should take the time to be nice to others as it can make all the difference to someone's life.

  • Hi vicki😍
    I'm wondering what bra size I am💁
    I wear a 28/30 AA ❤️
    27under and 29 over😍


    Your bra size is 32AA but as this is only a guide, when you go shopping be sure to try on some different styles and sizes of bra until your find one that feels comfortable on you.

  • Hi vicki
    I really love this website.
    Do you have any tips on getting rid of nits? My friend has them really bad.

    Loppy :.:....:.:.:.

    Hi Loppy, a really cheap and effective treatment is to completely saturate your hair in a thick, cheap hair conditioner and then use a nit comb to repeatedly comb through the hair, removing the nits as you go along.  The nits will be unable to attach to the hair strand with the conditioner on it.  It is a good idea to do this consecutively for a few days until the hair is completely nit and lice free.

  • But now they're really noticeable and all of my friends were looking because I used to wear crop tops and now all of a sudden it looks like I have real boobs!!! The 8 aa is too small and the 10 aa is comfortable but it shapes my boobs to make them look like real boobs and about a centimetre bigger than my actual boobs.
    Is this bad or normal?

    If you feel comfortable wearing the 10AA bra, then that is your choice and it shouldn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

  • Hey Vicki
    I'm almost 13 and a few days ago I went bra shopping with my mum. I tried on an 8 aa (New Zealand size), but it was too tight, so I tried on a 10 aa and it was comfortable. It makes my boobs look quite a lot bigger, like a centimetre bigger and a rounder shape (I used to wear crop tops, so my boobs were pointy looking and not that noticeable through my shirts, I have quite small boobs) - PART 1

    Response in Part 2.

  • Hi Vicki
    I have å boyfriend who iz my age(14)...i sometimes think he doesn't love me because i asked him to come to my 7th Grade car wash n Entruepreneurs dae...but he said he can't because he is going ice-skating....Thn i asked him just for 5 minutes...Then he said his parents won't allow him...But took it all out on him now i think he wants us to brake up
    Love Samoan
    Thnx Vicki

    Hi Samoan, I think your boyfriend seems a little disinterested and enjoys doing his own thing more so I think I would seriously think about moving on and forgetting about him.  Why not concentrate on having fun with your friends as relationships at a young age seem to cause trouble.

  • Hey,
    I'm 12 and in middle school. For fitness we have to get changed in the toilets with everyone watching. I get really self conscious because my friends always tell me how skinny I am and I get annoyed because it's their fault they are larger than the average person and they should stop complaining about what size I am.Once some one even tryed to convince me I was anorexic!!!!!! What should I do !?

    Hi Holly, all that matters is that you know you're not anorexic, so try to ignore these immature comments. 

  • Hello,
    At my school camp our girls in our class had to share a cabin together. There was one girl ( b ) who has the body of an 7 yr old ( I'm not being mean she said it herself ) and another girl who is like really mean (c). One day when we were getting changed b complained about her body ( cause most girls wear bras) and c was like " you should see holly ( myself ) and I mean I'm not the most developed person there is but it still kinda stung. Any advice on what to say or do ?
    Thanks holly 🎀

    Hi Holly, try not to let this comment bother you as let's face it we're all different and have bodies that develop at different rates to others and it will only be a matter of time before your peers will be catching up with your breast development anyway and just think, some might end up with larger breasts than you so there really is no point in worrying about this.

  • Hello, I am 12 getting 13 in a week and I think I am developing okay. My breats are growing and I also have lots of discharge, sometimes I almost feel that it is my period. I am worried becuase I haven't got my period yet and all of my friends do, even though they don't seem to be developing... Should I worry???

    Try not to worry and remember that we all develop at different rates to each other and as you're alredy releasing discharge, I would guess that your period isn't too far away.

  • I had my period and never had white discharge and this month I didn't had my period what I only had was white discharge.
    Will I have my period this month?

    Try not to worry as in the early stages of the menstrual cycle, it can take a while for your hormones to control the changes in your body and to then reach a balance for your regular period.  It is normal to release discharge throughout your mentrual cycle.

  • Hi Vicki! My best guy friend just told my crush that I have a crush on him and he comes up to me saying do you have a crush o me?
    And I'm like no and i kept on telling him fake things.
    So... I really need your advice please help me. Thx
    - Meghan

    Hi Meghan, it's a bit mean of your friend to put you on the spot like that but if you really like this other boy, why not be honest and admit it.  You might like to get to know him a little better as a friend before you decide that you like him or not.

  • My mum and I went shopping for bras I tried on a 32a and it was to tight so I tried 34 C and it fit perfectly but I have like teeny boobs. when I measured it said 30a so i'm not sure.. Please help me

    It is fair to say that the size and style of bra varies tremendously from shop to shop which is why we always recommend that you try a bra on before you buy it.