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  • Can you please add Emma watson to the list of interviews cause she really inspires me and I would like to hear what it was like for her growing up
    Zoe xx

    Hi Zoe, I will add her to the list.

  • Is it normal to grow pubic hair before starting your periods?

    Yes very normal.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I've had breast buds since sometime earlier this year, thick pubic hair for nearly 2 years, and I'm just starting to get armpit hair. I'm going shopping for a bra on Sunday. I also have started getting spots, and I have noticed once or twice a very small dry amount of white thick stuff in my knickers. Is this discharge? How long until I get my period? plz put this in 'periods' thx xxxx

    With so many signs of puberty already noticed including discharge I am sure you will not have much longer to wait, maybe even sometime next year.

  • Just to put it into perspective:
    I went on a Geography field trip to Grasmere, and the only person I spoke to was my English teacher, who is male. But I feel like we're really close, because he felt comfortable enough with me to tell me his age and first name, and I felt comfortable enough to tell him my problems with people.

    Part 2- From Kara

    Hi Kara, there is nothing wrong with chatting to adults about the way you feel, but there is also some comfort to be gained by talking to your peer group about how you feel too, so I urge you to find ways to share your feelings with them as well as your family.

  • I don't feel comfortable speaking to people in the same age bracket as myself, which leads me to speak to teachers all the time for company. But all my teachers (who I trust enough to have a friendly chat with) are male. Everyone in my class says it means I fancy them. So I have a few questions:
    1. Does this mean I fancy my teachers?
    2. Why don't I feel comfortable talking to my peers?
    3. Is there something wrong with me?

    Part 1-From Kara

    Hi Kara, my response is in part two.

  • MY urethra is slightly to one side and i notice when i piss it goes to one side sorry if this is innapropriate and thanks

    I am sure this is simply been caused by the way you have been sitting and is nothing to be worried about, but if you are at all concerned have a chat to your mum.

  • Hi Vicki , I recently asked you a question about discharge and how I noticed the tiniest red dots are you sure it was my period even if they were that small? Thanks x

    It really is a case of waiting to see if any more red fluid is lost. But try not to worry in time your period will be here.

  • Hey vicki
    Is there any age restriction to buying shaving products
    As I would like to know

    Love Gj
    So I know it's mine

    No none at all.

  • Is it illegal to watch a horror movie that's a 15 when your only 14. I don't mean at the cinema but just at home with your friends?

    Really your parents should be vetting what you watch and although it is not illegal to watch these films, they are graded because they believe they are unsuitable for people under 15 and you would be wise to follow these guidelines in future.

  • How can I tell my mum I've just had discharge ??? Please help !!!!!!!!

    I am sure your mum will have already noticed this fluid in your underwear when she does the weekly wash so don't worry she wil understand that this is al very normal and nothing to be worried about.

  • I am really worried because my rabbit just sleeps all day and I'm scared there is something wrong with her. Do you think she's okay?

    Katie xx

    Hi Katie, rabbits often become active at night, but if you have any concerns have a chat to your parents who may decide to pop you along to your vet for a check-up.

  • Hi Vicki
    I am really worried because my period is over a week late! It was starting to get a bit regular cause I have had periods for almost a year now! I was a little bit stressed by going back to school because I had a presentation I front of the whole class! Could this be the case? Please help because I havnt had sex so I can't be pregnant so I am really worried about why it's this late

    Periods can still be irregular even when they have been regular previously. So try not to worry this is very normal.

  • Hi vicki
    I'm 10 and had my first period on Thursday. What is the average age girls have their first period? My teacher was understanding and so was my mum. I feel proud to have it early but also a bit uncomfortable having it way before other girls in my class so how should I be feeling? I love the idea of the agony aunt, great tips too! Thanks, Rihanna x

    Hi Rihanna, a period can arrive anytime between the ages of 8-18 with the average being around 12-13.  I am sure you will find other friends start to notice their periods arrive soon too and I am pleased to hear you are comfortable chatting about this to your mum and teacher.

  • loopylolly2003,
    hi vivki, thanks for the advice i asked him and he explained it to me. the thing is i kinda fancey him now we have playfuls fights over text things in common and he compliments me, i dont know what to do cause my bezzie says we would be cute together but i dont wanna ask him out cause it'd make things awquard and we're in the same year at school and get the same bus. i've caught him looking at me a few times when he's with his friends ( who includes my ex bf ) what should i do plz help xx

    It seems this boy likes you but is not yet ready to move forward, so continue be friends and be happy with this for now. If in future he changes his mind and wants to date he will let you know.

  • Hi Vicki I liked this boy for ages and it some how got to him that I liked him, and he was fine with it and was talking to me and stuff I thought he like me! But now I have heard that he has been going out with another girl for a year while he knew I like him. He didn't tell I feel kinda led on and am quite annoyed has he done something wrong?

    Just because this boy knows you like him and has been friendly towards you does not mean he had done anything wrong. He may just be a really nice person who happens to date another girl. So try to move on if you can and continue being friends.

  • Should you tell tour friends that you're having a period or not?

    Only if you want to, no one can tell just by looking at you that your period is with you so it really is your choice and if you feel your friends will keep your news between themselves.

  • Hi Vicki!
    So it's Mae! And he dosen't really talk in tutor in the morning but then laughs and jokes with me in the afternoon! I don't know why! So please can I have some advice! Btw he says he has a girlfriend ' M!' But I cinda said the same but the opposite Gender!
    So please can I have advice! Email me on: and I'll keep you updated if u contact me!!
    Mae xxx

    Hi Mae, if this boy is dating someone else then he is off limits and you should stay away I am afraid.

  • hi vicki
    do you think the guy i like thinks im weird i weny up and said
    hey we dont really know each other like to get to know u better and gave him my number he said ok text later
    thanks lili

    I think he may have been surprised but I doubt he thought you were weird.

  • Mm Vicki, umm if I could improve this website just a teeny weeny bit I would maiby make the celeb videos a 'bit' more exiting & interesting...? Is that okay? Dont be angry I dont mean that they are boring..just saying who are you going to interview next..? Or is it a secret? Can they interview YOU somehow...just quickly, please..? Thanks xxx I LOVE YOU!!!

    Hi and thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi, soo a couple of months ago I decided to try tampons for the first time, I used a small one and waited till my period was heavy, but I could absolutely not get the tampon in. I had the hole right and I was following instructions of which angle to aim it, but even if I pushed it, it wouldn't go in

    It may be that your are not yet ready for internal sanitary protection and you may find waiting a few months is a good idea and some girls also find inserting a clean fingers inside their vagina from time to time helps them understand how and where a tampon goes.