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  • Hi vicki when should i use a tampon after my first period

    When you feel ready and if your mum is happy for you to do so and you may find our Lil-lets teens tampons are an ideal choice as they are designed for first time users.

  • Any tips on getting over nerves?

    Why not read my blog entitled Walk Tall with Confidence and Standing Up For Yourself.

  • Hi vicki its elizabeth again and thank you very much for answering my question ❤️❤️❤️

    You are most welcome Elilzabeth.

  • Can u use tampons in the bath and shower?😕😐

    There really is no need to wear any sanitary protection when in the bath.

  • I'm 14 and had my first period on my 13th birthday (21st feb), I haven't had another one since. I'm a Virgin so I'm not pregnant

    Periods are often irregular for the first few years with gaps of several months in between each one so please try not to worry this is very normal.

  • I asked my mum whT I should do about discharge but she just said nothing it's normal but I really want liners

    Your mum is quite right as lots of girls do not worry about discharge, but if you feel uncomfortable let your mum know that you feel liners will leave you feeling cleaner and fresh. She may then decide to purchase some for you.

  • When u have a bath does the blood go in the water

    Menstrual fluid is not released all in one go and yes there may be a little bit of blood released into the bath water but it will not be so much that you should stop bathing and you most likely will not notice it.

  • If I'm on my period what will happen when I have a bath and shower

    Being on your period should have no impact on your bathing and you can shower or have a bath at any time.

  • When do you stop your period for ever 😘

    Most women stop menstruating in their fifties.

  • Hi Vicki! So yesterday until now, I have a brownish spots on my underwear. I haven't got my period for about 3-4 months. (3rd period) I'm concerned that it is my 3rd period. 😁 I hope you'll response. 💓
    Alyssa xx

    Hi Alyssa, yes this is your third period and try not to worry menstrual fluid is often brown and not red in  colour.

  • Hi vicki thankyou very much for answering all of my questions xxx

    You are most welcome.

  • Recently, I have been really upset. This is such a silly problem, but I worry that I haven't spent my childhood well. It's mostly the winters that I feel I've wasted. I don't play video games or watch telly all the time but I used to daydream and do nothing a lot of the time. Is this a bad thing or is it just part of being young. Thank You xxx

    This is just part of being young and using your imagination is never a bad thing so please don't feel you have to busy or playing computer games to be a normal teenager this is certainly not the case.

  • Hi vicki! ❤️ So I have discharge for not long, but Im so excited I want my period soon so in what time after discharge will I get my period?? Thank you very much!! P.S discharge isn't really much!! ❤️❤️❤️ Your elizabeth!!

    Hi Elizabeth, discharge can be noticed for between 6-12 months so please try not to worry your period may not be too far away and lots of girls are excited for its arrival just like you.

  • Hi Vicki I have 2 lumps on my neck they r not getting any bigger or anything I had them for about 5 to 6 months
    Becca xx

    Becca please speak to your parents about these little lumps and they will advise you further.

  • Is it unusual to have periods at the age of ten!!!!! BECAUSE I HAVE JUST STARTED AT TEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    A period can arrive between the ages of 81-18 so please share this news with your mum or the person who cares for you.

  • Hi vicki, i started my period yesterday and my mum had some pads so she advised me to use them x but the actual period blood is not leaking onto my pad, im having to consantly go to the toilet and wipe it! Is this because ive just started my period and its because its really light? Will it eventually start to come through stronger and leak onto my pad?
    Thx xxx

    Give it time, menstrual blood is not released all in one go and a pad can be worn for up to 8 hours.

  • Hi Vicky! I am 15 years old and I still wear a mini bra, what is the difference between a mini bra and a bra? I checked my measurements and it's 32 B , how do I tell my mom that I want and need to wear a bra. All of my friends are already wearing one and I'm quite shy about this

    Why not ask your mum if you can go underwear shopping and pick out a few styles to show her, I am sure she will understand what you are trying to ask for once you show her.

  • Hi Vicki,
    Im 14 and clearly going through puberty but one thing i have noticed and i am very concerned about is that im gaining so much weight. alot of my friends have grown taller and have all slimed out and even my mum noticed that im getting fat. i eat all the right foods and exercise and im not obese i am advrage weight for my age but i just am gaining alot of weight as in fat and get really insurcure about it. why am i gaining alot of weight?
    Thanks Chloe

    Chloe, as we enter puberty our shape will change and it can take several years for your final shape to be noticed, so if you eat well and exercise often I really would not worry too much and please try not to compare your progress to that of those around you we really are all different.

  • Hi Vicki
    Just wondering why my period is five days late
    I started my first last month on the 27th and it hasn't come yet
    Thank you
    Mia xxx

    Periods can be irregular for the first few years with long gaps between each one, so please try not to worry this is very normal.

  • Hi Vicki. Ok so I've just started my period after 67 days from my last one. I had it for the past 2 days, but then nothing the next day. No blood at all. Usually my period lays 7-8 days. And I've only had my period for 2. I dont know if I'll have more today, I just want to know if that's normal. Thank you 😊

    A period can last for between 2-10 days so please try not to  worry it can change in length from period to period.