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  • Hiya Vicki
    My Little Sister A is seven and really boystrous. When I'm alone in my room she comes in and I tell her to leave me alone. But she starts hitting me in the boob and vagina and scratching and mocking me. When I tell my parents they stick up for her saying she's only seven.
    How can I get this to stop and will being hit in the boob or vagina stop my period or breast development
    Thanks for your amazing help in my previous questions
    Mia xx
    P.s I'm twelve

    These little fights will not impact on your development and my advice would be to stand up and let your sister know you no longer want to play with her and leave the room. She will soon understand that her behaviour is pushing you away and stop.

  • I'm embarrassed to buy condoms over the counter I can't use internet shopping how can I get them?? X

    Condoms can be collected from most Brook, Family Planning clinics or Surgeries around the country.

  • I am 13 mid-puberty and I have extreme chronic migraines I have a headache 24/7 it never goes away I have been to the doctor they gave me medication bit it didn't work, is this to do with puberty ?? X

    If you have already sought medical advice with regard to this matter you should now go back and visit your GP letting them know the medication is not proving successful and they will offer you further treatment.

  • I am 13 years old and I get a whitish discharge in my pantsfor a few moths now I alsohave recently been getting stomach cramps, am i near to starting my period my mum didn't start until she was 16? X

    Discharge is always a great sign that your period may not be too far away and remember too that we do not all follow the same pattern a family members for the arrival of our periods.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I had a fall out with one of my 'friends' and we haven't spoke in weeks. My other friend is stuck in the middle and is friends with both of us. The one who I fell out with, let's call her K, has been badmouthing me to my other friend and stopped my friend from inviting me to her bday party. My friend just keeps on talking to her but how do I get her to know that K is trouble!

    Why not ask K if you can get together and have a chat all three of you, letting her know that you feel there is room for all three of you to be friends without any badmouthing or unfriendly chats. She may just be waiting for you to speak to her and be happy you can sort it out.

  • My friends are all getting boyfriends and having relationships , but no boys have ever told me that they like me and they have never asked me out on a date . I am too shy to go up to the boys I like and tell them that I like them , and most of the time the ones I like always are the ones who are taken .
    Am I weird ?
    Or ugly :( ? It just sometimes makes me feel sad and left out .
    I have got male friends , but I only see them as friends and nothing more .
    What should I do ? :)


    You may find it difficult to believe, but lots of people now wait until their late teens or early twenties before they decide to date, so please don't feel you have to date just because others around you are there will be plenty of time for you to find the right person.

  • Hey Vicki,
    So this may be inappropriate and I'm sorry if it is...
    But I do not know how to shave pubic hair, (vagina hair)
    I have my period, I have big boobs, and hair, but I don't know how to shave it.
    Please help me x

    Hi Elly, firstly I wonder what makes you think you need to remove this hair, after all it is a sign you are becoming a young woman and very normal. Very often girls now feel that this hair is unnatural and as such ugly or wrong, this is not the case and you may prefer to simply trim it back if it becomes too long, other than that I see no reason to remove it.

  • I last had my period on 10 january. Thought i was coming on the 16 feb but it was only a bit over 2-3 days and it wasdarl brown and hvent come on my period since. What could this be?

    Even small releases of blood can still be your period and very often menstrual fluid can vary in colour from light brown to dark red.

  • All of my friends have quite large boobs and I'm really flat chested an I feel kind of insecure, I wear a bra but I can't figure out what size I am? I know you use a measuring tape. I wear a 30aa but I think it might be too big? When I'm standing it's fine but when I'm lying down it goes flat and moves up my chest and it's sore! - I'm 13
    Also, I've been having sore heads and pains in my stomach (I'm also really tired a lot) a few months I had a little dot of red in my pants but nothing's happened! Help?

    All of these things you are noticing, such as headaches, stomach cramps, feeling tired are signs of puberty and even though you feel your breasts are not yet developing they will be sure to continue to grow as you get older so please try not to worry, puberty can continue into your late teens or early twenties.

  • Hi,
    I 13 and self conscious
    I'm really tall, I'm taller then my mum and older sister.
    I'm 168cm
    I got period long ago.
    I weigh 45kg I'm really skinny,
    I'm too big for kids sizes (height) but I'm to small for ladies (breast)
    My mum says I will grow out of it but I have been like this for the past 4 years.
    I can't even fit an 8-10 crop top. My breast size is 78cm bust 69 under
    Because I'm so skinny and breastless I look like a 10 year old boy with long hair wearing a sack.

    Hi Sarah, listen to your mum's advice at the age of 13 there is still quite a bit of development to come and we continue to develop into our late teens or early twenties so please try not to worry.

  • I Vicki I was wondering if you were ever going to sell your products in Australia and New Zealand? Thanks x

    There are no plans to do so in the near future, but you can order our products online via our store.

  • Hi Vicki, U really like this guy I have liked him for over a year and when ever we see each other we make eye contact then he looks away, he has a girlfriend now, and they seem very happy together but it makes me wish I was her. Thanks for your time x

    It is always hard when we like someone but they are otherwise involved with someone else and I would urge you to spend as much time away from this boy as you can, keeping busy with friends and family. If in the future he decides to no longer date this girl then yes you may want to pursue him, but for now I would advise against any loving glances between you both that can only leave you feeling more unhappy that you do not date.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I am 13 and rather curvy. I lost some weight but being curvy makes me still look fat! I am worried that no guy will ever like me for this reason. All my friends are very slim and not curvy! Please help x

    We all come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it would be wrong to think that people are only attracted to athletic shapes, when in reality we are all attracted to different things and there will I can assure you be someone who will find your particular shape very attractive, but more importantly love you for who you are as a person.

  • Hi Vicki,
    2 months before Christmas last year I had dark brown discharge for 2 months in a row and i haven't had it since then but this afternoon I found some. I'm a bit worried that it stopped for the months in between, should I be? Is it my period? is it just a warning indicating that it's coming soon? Or is it an infection? I'm so worried.
    Thanks xox

    This is almost certainly your period and there are often wide gaps between each one of several months and this is nothing to be worried or anxious about.

  • Hi vicki,
    when i am on my period i use pads but recently i felt like i was ready to use a tampon. I search up how to insert a tampon like how to stand, to relax how to put it in etc. but when i tried to insert it it hurt and it felt like something was blocking it. is there something wrong with me??

    This resistance you may be noticing could be your hymen; a piece of skin that partially covers the entrance to your vagina and which stretches during puberty. It does not mean that you will never be able to insert a tampon but rather that you may want to wait few months before trying again.

  • But, I read my my mums texts to a friend and she had cancelled the evening out with partners because of home issues. The friend text back and said is it u and my dad and she said yep. I keep asking mum if dad and her had made up
    and she doesn't reply.
    I'm in urgent help as I am scared they R gonna get a divorce

    The truth is couples argue from time to time, but this does not mean they are going to divorce and I am sure your parents are working through any problems they have and will always have your best interest at heart.

  • The other day my parents had an argument (small) and then my dad stayed away got 2 nights but to do with work. I thought getting some space would help but he has come back and u can feel the tension. I went to bed and mum said oh I need to wash your tights for school be up in 30. But then i could hear my mum and dad talking really loud. This morning I asked her and she said oh it probably sounds loud as u r upstairs. part 1

    See my response on Part Two.

  • hi vicki i am 13 years old i haven't developed breast yet is it normal ?

    Yes this is very normal and very often breasts continue to develop into a girls late teens or even early twenties. So please try not to worry.

  • So I am thirteen and started my period four months ago and I am like super afraid to even try to insert a tampon... is this normal... like at all???

    It is normal to be anxious about anything new that we try and please don't feel you have to move to tampons if you prefer pads, a great many women only ever use pads throughout their menstrual life.

  • Is my bladder really weak?? I just wet myself all the time. Sometimes its really hard to hide. What to do.

    Lots of females have a little bit of urine leakage when they laugh, cough, sneeze or are active, but if you feel that this may be more than a little bit or leakage please chat to your parents who may pop you along to your GP for a chat.