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  • Hi I just wanted to say thank you so much this website is amazing you have helped me so much

    It's now almost midnight and this is a great way to end the night, thank you for your wonderful feedback.

  • Are you meant to shave you know 'down there' because I feel uncomfortable asking my mum - if so what with and how often Thank You xxx

    Nobody says you have to shave your pubic hair and the choice is entirely yours.  Try to remember that your mum was a young girl going through puberty once and so there is no need for you to feel embarrassed about anything to do with puberty.  If you're worried about shaving, you might like to consider simply trimming your pubic hair back so it isn't visible.

  • Dear Vicki,
    I don't like tampons so are there any tampon-free ways to go swimming during THAT time of the month? Thanks!

    I am afraid there are no alternatives to using tampons for sanitary protection whilst swimming.  You might like to consider using our Lil-Lets teens Regular non-applicator tampons as they have been designed especially for the smaller bodies of young girls.  All it takes is a little practice and you will soon be able to enjoy the discreet protection that wearing tampons provides to millions of women all over the world.

  • I have little red spits on my boobs and I was wondering if yu knew what they r

    These could be stretchmarks and they are fairly common to the breast and other area of the body when growth has been rapid and over a short period of time. For more on this subject why not read my blog entitled: Stretchmarks.

  • Last time I asked you what bra size I was you said 32AA (I'm 67cm below and 80cm bust) I was wondering if this was a mistake as since then I have tried on a few 33AA bras and they have all been way to small for me and I was wondering If I was a different size

    You are now a 30B.

  • hi Vikki, so I've been getting small amounts of discharge ,I have hair under my armpits and down below, my boobs feel tender because I was laying on my bed earlier and it really hurt my boobs I can barley touch them without them hurting, and also I keep getting quit sharp pains in my hip area, so I was wondering if you could estimate when my period will come, I know every girl is different, or if you think its on its way.
    thankyou from robs xxxxxxxxxx (so I know its me)

    Hi Robs, firstly this tenderness you feel to your breast area is very normal and will subside over time. And finally with so many signs of puberty already noticed you may find your period arrives some time this year or early in 2015.

  • Hi, when I was doing my chores ( putting the washing machine ) and I saw that my brothers pajama bottoms had semen in. And because I took a while my mum came out and asked me what was taking so long and I just said I could not get the washing machine
    to close.
    Now I feel really guilty
    Is this normal
    Please ASAP
    Thank you

    There is no need to feel guilty, you have seen something that was new to you and reacted quickly to avoid any embarrassment to your brother. My advice is to move on now and avoid mentioning what you have seen to your brother.

  • When do you boobs stop growing? Like, how many years... because i have started my period but i am worried that when you start your period your boobs stop growing. Thanks x

    Breasts can continue to grow into a girl's late teens or early twenties.

  • I often get period cramps, and I'm still only 12. Is that normal? Also, it makes me really miserable, and although I try my best to hide it, my friends and family notice I'm miserable and they question me. How can I make myself feel better about it?

    The teenage years can be a stressful time for both the teen involved and their families, so why not have a chat to them and let them know you have now entered puberty and have been experiencing mood swings. They will I am sure help you manage this time in your life. As for the cramps these are most likely caused by your reproductive organs maturing and this is very normal. Gentle exercise is generally all you need to reduce this discomfort.

  • Hi Vicki,
    So I started my period age 9/10 and I'm now 14. My period is usually very heavy but only last for a week at the most. I've now been on my period for 2 weeks and a few days, it's not as heavy as usual but I'm a bit confused, do you have any idea what it could be?

    Periods can continue to be irregular all through your teen years and I would not worry too much, they can often be longer/shorter, heavier and lighter from period to period. It really is just your body working out the right monthly cycle just for you.

  • is it weird that i still haven't got my period and i've been getting discharge for almost two years?

    No this is not weird at all and lots of girls notice discharge for longer than a year. Be patient I am sure you will not have much longer to wait.

  • hey vicki
    i think i have a yeast infection so could i just get some cream or would i have to see a doctor? :(

    Firstly, please do not mistake discharge for a yeast infection. My advice would be to have a chat to your mum and ask her opinion, she may then decide to pop you along to your doctor for a quick check-up or purchase some over the counter treatment for you. But this is definitely something you should speak to your mum or the person who cares for you about.

  • is it ok for a 10 year old to have a size 30aa in bra size?

    If you fit into a 30AA bra then I see absolutely no reason why you should not wear one.

  • When I'm around people that I'm comfortable with I'm really loud and fun but then when om around new people I get all shy and I think its because I have no confidence because I'm always put down by people in my school. How can I ignore them and be more comfortable and confident around strangers??? Thanks btw I love this website its helped me a lot xx

    I do not see anything wrong with being a little quiet around new people and this is a very common way for lots of people to be. So don't be too hard on yourself you are simply getting to know those around you until you feel comfortable letting them get to know you. My tip is to start making a few comments into the conversation or agreeing with someone who has said something you can relate to, but never feel the need to speak, just for the sake of it.

  • hey vicki,
    i have yellow and white dischages and it smells really bad i saw you Feeling Clean and Fresh down there} i want to order it but how can i and allthough i live in the UAE if you deliver ❤️

    We do deliver to the UAE if you order via our website and you can also find our teens range in Boots stores in the UAE. Alternatively you can request a free sample of our wipes and I will send you one out. Simply click the Contact tab at the bottom of the page, letting me know that if you are under the age of 16 you have your parent's permission to request samples.

  • Hi Vicki,
    My boyfriend and I have a good relationship, but I want some freedom and space. Everytime I try to break up with him he gets emotional and I scared he might do something to harm himself. I have love for him, but I'm not in love with him if you understand where I'm coming from. He says he loves me so much but I'm not ready for it. I just want freedom and I'm the type of person to feel guilty if I let someone down. I don't know what to do.

    First of all do not feel guilty about your affection for this boy, his is emotionally blackmailing you by making you feel bad about ending your relationship. So next time you meet up, let him know that you feel your relationship is now based on friendship and that you want a break. And then make sure it is a break and do not take his calls or texts, so both of you have the time to get used to this new situation. If he continues to put pressure on you, have a chat to your parents and let them step in.

  • Hi vicki, I'm 15and I started my period on the 31/12/13 I had very small boobs when I started around a 34A cup and I'd say I haven't grown much since then as I still fit in the same bras, however (this sounds weird) It seems like my nipples have grown a little recently, does this happen before your boobs grow?? Also my right boob has grown more than my left, I was just wondering is there a certain stage after starting your periods that your boobs start to develop more, and if so when? Thank-you x

    Breasts continue to develop into our late teens and early twenties and as they often grow in spurts it is quite common to feel there have been many months with no growth noticed at all. Finally, most girls notice one breast develops before the other and even when fully grown no two breasts are ever identical.

  • Hi Vicki,

    What age after using pad should you start using tampons because non of my sisters is 15 and she uses tampons but my other 18 year old sister uses pads???? 😶

    The choice of sanitary protection you use, is entirely your choice. Some girls prefer to use only pads, others only tampons and a great many use a combination of the two, depending on the situation.

  • Hey Vicki,

    What age do you suggest girls start wearing makeup

    In my opinion 13 is fine to wear a little mascara, lip gloss and blusher when at home or at the weekend. But your parents may have other thoughts on this matter, so why not ask them what they think.

  • hey vicki,
    i have white stuff coming out of my vagina, and everysingle day it comes out i think cuz i once did insert may hand in there and i didnt wash it help me please!.
    and can you tell me if i am still a virgin or not,
    (12 years old).
    i've never done sex!.

    Firstly, yes you are still a virgin and secondly and more importantly this white fluid is called discharge and your body's way of keeping your vagina clean and free from infection. It is very normal and has not been caused by you inserting your hand inside your vagina so try not to worry and read our section on Discharge under the Puberty tab.