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  • What's the latest you can start your period

    Girls can start their period up until the age of 18.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I know you can't have sex ect.. under 16 years old but ca you kiss someone? I really want to know because I'm confused :D
    Thanks Vicki:)
    P.S - You're amazing and you are always helping people with they problems which I think is so so so kind of you, thanks again xxx

    Many girls and boys enjoy kissing each other as kissing is the most natural thing in the world but you're right in saying that the Law of Consent states that it is against the law for a boy or man to have any kind of sexual relationship with a girl under the age of 16.  Thank you for your support.

  • Hi viki sorry if this is disgusting but recently my urine has smelt very bad and people are starting to note I'm 13 please help xx

    As your urine smells strong, try drinking more water.

  • Hey Vicki
    It's my birthday today!
    I turned 13 today!
    I'm really happy but kinda sad because I'm on my period. :(
    Violet x

    Happy birthday Violet.  Have a fabulous day and don't let being on your period affect your fun in any way.

  • why is my period non existing at night but heavy in the day? Its my 2nd period 4th day and im 13.

    It is normal for many females to notice 40% less menstrual flow at night  so try not to worry.

  • hi Vicki all of my friends have started there periods and I haven't and I don't know why ?

    Try to remember that we all develop at different rates to each other and it is possible for girls to start their periods between the ages of 8-18.  The best way of knowing when this might happen is when you've been releasing discharge for between 6-12 months.

  • Hey Vicki,
    I am 13 years old. My breasts started developing around 2 years ago when I was 11 and they have been the same size (30aa) and they are not as tender as they used to be. And I started menstruating about 8 months ago. And I am a bit worried they are not gonna grow.
    Please reply asap.

    Try to remember that we are all made in different shapes and sizes and our bodies develop at different rates to each other.  It is good to know that breasts can still continue to develop up until a girl's 20's so you still have plenty of time.

  • when i wipe after ive been theres pink stuff onthe paper i haven't done anythi.k like put on a bad and for two days nothingsin my pants its just when i whipe could it be my really scared and it makes me cry cause i dont know what to do please help thanks vicki xx

    Try not to worry as I think this is your period and in the early stages of the menstruial cycle, it can take a while for your hormones to control the changes in your body and to then reach a balance for your regular period.  You might like to start using pant liners and see what happens over the coming weeks and months.  Please do not worry.

  • my sister (nearly 4) is obsessed with boobs, she lifts my top up, squeezes them, etc. she sometimes does it to my friends or my mum sometimes. (im 13 btw) we tell her its naughty, etc, but she just does it more. what should i do

    Hi Melissa, your mum really should have a serious chat with your little sister and let her know that her behaviour is inappropriate.  If she starts doing these things at school, she will end up getting in trouble.

  • hi vicki do you prefer tampons or towels? (which do you use)

    I use both; towels at night and tampons during the day.

  • Hi,
    I was wondering what my bra size was because I have tried at home and some say a and some b. Undery bust is 65cm and bust is 72cm.

    Your bra size is a 30AA but as this is only a guide, when you go shopping be sure to try on some different styles and sizes of bra until you find one that feels comfortable on you.

  • I'm a bit confused... On the 4th of may this year, I had a tiny bit of blood in my ckers (not even the size of a pin head). And yesterday I went to the toilet and there was blood on the toilet paper. I went to the toilet later on and there was more blood... This carried on for the rest of the day. So, when I woke up this morning, I expected to see blood... But I didn't?!?!? Was it my period?? If it was...
    #1 how do I have a bath??
    #2 how shall I tell my mum (we don't talk about stuff like this)??

    I think this was your period but during the early stages of the menstrual cycle, it can take a while for your hormones to control the changes in your body and to then reach a balance for your regular period.  You can bathe as normal while on your period and please check out my blog on Talking to Mum and Dad for some useful tips.

  • When I try to put in tampons it hurts

    All it takes is a little practice and you will soon be enjoying the discreet protection that wearing tampons provides to millions of women all over the world.  The trick is to be relaxed before inserting the tampon high enough into the vagina so only the cord is showing.  For more help with this, check out the video link on How to use a non-applicator tampon.

  • Hi Vicki
    I'm almost 15 and still haven't started my period. I've had discharge for ages now ( like 8 months) but my period still hasn't come. I have hair between my legs and under my arms and my boobs still haven't grown much. I have most of the signs so so u think till come soon?
    Please answer <3
    Love sarahhh

    It is normal to release discharge for between 6-12 months before your period arrives so I would guess that you haven't too much longer to wait.

  • hi vicki whats the average age for getting your period

    The average age is 13 but it is possible for girls to start their period any time between the ages of 8-18.

  • Hi Vicki I am nearly 15 and a half and I'm going into year11 and I've never kissed a boy yet:/ I feel quite anxious about it because I kind of feel left out, your advice and reassurance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lizzie

    Hi Lizzie, try not to worry or feel left out as you simply haven't met the right boy.  There is no rush in doing this just because others in your year group have.  Just think how special your first kiss will be when you meet someone you really like and the time is right.

  • Heyyy vickss (my new nick name for ya)
    I was wondering how to get my boobs measured cos i want to find the right bras for me so they feel comfortable....i am too shy to go to a shop to get measured that would be embarrasing sooo noooo way hosayy....i just need them measured!!!
    so my question is how do i get them measured with out anyone seeing them?
    The unicorn hunter xx

    Hi The Unicorn Hunter, if being measured in a shop isn't an option, try getting hold of a measuring tape and wrap it all the way around your front and back directly below your bust then do the same again but only this time, over your bust at the fullest point.  Record these two measurements and come back to me and I will be able to do a bra sizing for you.

  • Hey Vicki ☺ my chest has grown a lot andmy boobs seem to ache alot. What does this mean? Is it Norma? Please help me :(

    Hi Norma, sore, tender breasts are a sign of development.

  • Hey Vicki! During this summer my chest has grown a lot and they always seem to hurt, what does this mean? Is it normal?

    Sore, tender breasts are a sign of develpment.

  • Hello !
    Its Emma here, do you think its ok if i wear a thin layer of mascara and a bit of light pink eye shadow ? I sometimes wear make up but never heavy ! My mum says in pretty and don't need make up but my eyes are really blue and mascarra helps to bring them out

    from Emma xxx

    Hi Emma, you should listen to your mum and only wear make-up for special occasions.