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  • Can you still go to the toilet with a tampon in ?
    Thank you

    Yes of course, just simply move the cord to the side so it isn't in the flow of urine. 

  • is it ok to start puberty early?

    Girls can start puberty as young as the age of 8.

  • What bra sizzle am I?
    Im 71cm under/over
    And I'm 76cm bust
    Please answer ?....

    Your bra size is a 32AA but as this is only a guide, when you go shopping be sure to try on some different sizes and styles of bra until you find one that fits you comfortably.

  • H vicki! I'm going to Mexico for 11 nights I August an I wnt to buy a few bikinis. What are the best styles for me? I'm a 34b and quite a curvy/chunky girl. I was thinking a padded one as they give better shape. What do you think? Thankies!! :D x

    When you go shopping, try on some different styles until you find some that suit you, flatter your body shape and feel comfortable.  Have a great time in Mexico.

  • hey Vicki, I have had discharge for 7-8 months now and im a 30a, do you think I should be starting my period soon? xx

    It is normal to release discharge for between 6-12 months before your period arrives so i would guess that you haven't too much longer to wait.

  • Hi vicky, I just started my period and I am using a sanitary towel but it feels really weird and how I dispose of them?
    Please help me
    ps I am 12

    It might take a little getting used to but you will in time.  As for disposing of them, just wrap the used towel in its wrapper and dispose of it in the bathroom bin or in with normal household rubbish.

  • Hi Vicki
    So today when I got up I found yellowy greeny stuff in my underwear was this discharge as I've already got discharge? Plz help
    From birdy 🐥

    Hi Birdy, it is normal for discharge to appear yellow when it dries out so try not to worry.

  • i have tried tampons alot but i still cant get it in ive looked at loads of things on ur webcite but i still find it rly hard im a swimmer and i rly need to know how to use them

    For peace of mind, ask your mum or guardian to book an appointment with your GP to ensure everything is as it should be.

  • my period was to come Saturday and today is Monday and it hasn't come as yet
    what is happening ?

    Try not to worry as in the early stages of the menstrual cycle it can take a while for your hormones to control the changes in your body and to then reach a balance for your regular period.

  • Hi Vicki my name is tee and I believe my period started in March this year and since then I haven't been seeing any blood on my liners. Am I normal ? 4 months of a missed period well I think it was a period. Because there was blood daily. And my boobs don't seem to be growing I'm a bit small but I'm scared they'll stay this size.

    Hi Tee, try not to worry as in the early stages of the menstrual cycle, it can take a while for your hormones to control the changes in your body and to then reach a balance for your regualr period.  As for your breast development, just try to be patient as this can still happen up until your 20's.

  • Hi viki, I just wanted to know. When you get your period do you loose weight??? Xxxx

    Thank you ❤💕❤

    Your period will not affect your weight and the best way of maintaining a healthy weight is by sticking to a healthy, balanced diet filled with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Hi there Vicki, please answer this question I have for you. My twin sister , Spencer, started her period a few months ago (about 3 or 4 months to be exact) I wondered if we would start around the same time but there's nothing happening with me? I'm kind of happy that it's not coming as quick as hers but I thought because we're twins we might of started at the same time? Should I tell my mum I'm worried? Thanks for reading this Vicki. Aria x

    Hi Aria, even though you're twins, you're still different so try not to worry as I'm sure it won't be too much longer before yours arrives too.  the best way of knowing when your period might arrive is when you've been releasing discharge for between 6-12 months.  Please don't be afraid to talk to your mum about any concerns you might have, she is there to help and support you.

  • Will tampons hurt when I first use them because I'm a little scared to try one even though I really want to

    The key to success is to relax before inserting the tampon fully into the vagina so only the cord is showing.  You mgiht like to consider using our Lil-Lets teens Regular non-applicator tampons as they are ideal for first-time use having been designed especially for the smaller bodies of young girls.

  • Hey Vicki,
    I was wondering, bc atm I'm really self conscious about this, whether there is any way to make your boobs look the same size. They're like a whole cup size different and it's so annoying... Any advice, and please don't just tell me to wait for them to grow out.
    NK (13)

    Hi NK, if you have a padded bra, you could either remove the padding from the cup that is bigger or if you prefer, add a little padding to the cup which is smaller in an unpadded bra.

  • Part 2. So I'm a really good kid as well. I help at Church, I have told her I will never drink, etc. She thinks its good but isn't proud. When I had my dance show this weekend she bought flowers so I hope she's proud of me....

    I'm sure your mum is very proud of you but she might just have a problem with letting you know so why not talk to her and express how you feel.

  • Hi Vicki,
    Part 1. I kinda feel like my mum's never proud of me. Its ever since I went to this school and was having a really hard time and grades went down. I know she understands this was a hard time but she doesn't',t seem to realize how hard on me it was. When I failed my exams we decided to home school again but she seemed annoyed at me, like I should have just 'got the grades' somehow and stayed there. I feel like such a failure even a year later.

    You really can't be blamed for any of this so try not to worry and concentrate now on doing the best you possibly can with your Home Schooling.  Continued response in Part 2.

  • Hi Vicky, i feel really uncomfortable with my thighs and when they are sweaty they rub together and it really hurts,because of that it has left scars and brown stretch marks along my thighs, due to this people often ask me if i have pooped myself and it makes me feel so stupid and isecure, what can i do? any tips, thanks x

    Stretch marks are so common during puberty when skin is stretched rapidly over a short period of time and you might find that dabbing a little talcum powder on your thighs will help the discomfort during the day when you are moving about.  However, after your bath or shower of an evening, you might like to try applying some moisturiser as this will help to keep the skin hydrated and minimise the effects.

  • What does it feel like? Does it feel like your wetting yourself?

    Menstrual blood is released from the vagina as opposed to the urethra when we urinate so it does feel different.

  • Hi I have a question, how can I ask my sister about her period? And how can my boobs grow slower

    Try to remember that periods are a perfectly natural occurrence for every girl so there is no need for you to feel embarrassed.  There is nothing you can do to make your breasts develop any slower as this is a natural process so try not to worry and let nature take its course.  It is only a matter of time before you notice your peers' breast development too.

  • This might be inappropriate but I really need to know and I can't tell anybody else but I watch porn only to master bate it bad to masterbate cause I feel guilty and ashamed afterwards:( period has been acting weird it always came either after or before the actual date it's suppose to come I'm 13

    You shouldn't feel guilty about masturbating as during puberty, hormones run riot causing teens to experience feelings of a sexual nature more than they did before and masturbation is a natural, instinctive way of exploring these new feelings.  As for your period, during the early stages of the menstrual cycle, it can take a while for your hormones to control the changes in your body and to then reach a balance for your regular period.