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  • Hi Vicki, does coffee help raise your mood level? A friend told me that it did

    Coffee contains caffeine, which is often noticed for giving people quick bursts of energy, but this is not long lasting and you would be better off having an invigorating shower or eating a banana.

  • im 13, when, where and how do i speak to Childline! I cant do it at home coz if someone hears i'll be in so much trouble!Please help, i havent got a phone!I need help

    You can call childline from any phone, whether that be a landline, mobile or public call box.

  • Are tampons or towels better for people new to periods :)

    It really does depend on the individual, some girls like to get to understand their flow for the first few months and use only pads, while others are quite happy to go straight to tampons and pads.

  • Part 2: Im just not allowed.I feel lyk crying and I wnt 2 die.They said if I wnt 2 move, I hav to go 2 EGA but my dad will drive me home!I don’t want him to, why dont he understand!I’ve told him dat but he won’t listen!the whole point of movin scools is so that I can go and back by myself but my parents won’t listen!Please help meVicky what shall I do?Maybe I should kill myself so I won’t have to go through all this!I have a social life, I wnt 2 b able 2 go 2 school and back with my frends, not with my dad!

    I appreciate that you want your independence and I also appreciate that your parents have a duty to protect you. You can look at this situation you find yourself in two ways. Firstly, by going in the car you get to spend time with your family bonding and this could be quite good fun if you listen to music or share jokes they could even pick up a couple of friends on the way. But I feel you would much rather walk with friends; so why not compromise and ask if you can have a trial period of say a week when you either walk to or from school, whichever they prefer to do and you may just find they agree to this and then find it suits them too. But I can tell you that this should be done in a quiet and calm tone and not by getting angry or upset. So why not start the conversation off with "How about we try this for a week....." and if they say no immediately ask if they would just consider your request, without getting upset.

  • Part 1:Hi,I’ve got a huge problem!i hate my life,I want to die!i go to an all girlsschool,I’ve moved houses so it takes only like 25 min to get there,im 13 going to yr9 and my dad has to drive me 2 school and back.Your thinkin that’s ok,but to me I live everyday of embarasment and humiliation!i wnt to go to school by myself and I can but my parents won’t let me.I’ve talked to both of them at the right time nicely,but they won’t listen to me!Its embarasin dat a yr9 girl cnt go 2 school on her own wen I can!

    See my response in Part Two.

  • Hi Vicki! I'm 17 and I wanted to know if there is any way to relieve a "horny" feeling other than actually having sex or masturbating? Sorry if is innapropriate, thanks x

    Being sexually aroused is part of being an adult and very natural, but if you wish to forget about these feelings then my advice would be to keep busy, get active which in itself can leave you feeling very happy.

  • I really want to have a child ASAP but I am only 10 help!

    I appreciate that the thought of a child can be very appealing but you only have to listen to any mother to know that it can be stressful, extremely tiring and a huge impact on your independence and life in general. So why not work on having a career, meeting the person you want to share your life with, enjoying this life before considering children.

  • Hi ive been told by my close group of boy mates and the one im closest to has a massive chrush on my and always talks about me and the most awkward est is that he had his first wet dream about me and they think he has really fallen for me and hes got a really good personality and all the girls fancie him but I dont want to destroy iur friendship but I havent seen him over the holidays he dosnt know I jnow so what do I do from confused girl aged 12 xx

    Why not go back into school and continue being friends and trying not to let what others have said to you influence your relationship with him. Only time will tell if you are meant to date or just be very good friends and you should not let others pressure you into doing anything you are not ready to do.

  • I'm 16. He's 30. He tried telling me he's not a peado and he told me that my information wasn't private on fb. Does his mean he knows something like where I live help me! I can't tell my folks or they will make me delete my youtube which is my life literally!

    This man is using a form of blackmail to bully you. Unfriend him immediately and go into your account and change your privacy and security settings so no one can see your Facebook page unless you have invited them or allowed them to. Then drop You Tube and Facebook a line letting them know of this man's persistence and nuisance e-mails to you and they will most likely delete his account and deal with this matter on your behalf. Whatever you do, do not let this man manipulate or upset you and if he does not stop then it really is time to speak to your parents and ask them if you can set up a new account under a new name with privacy and security settings agreed by them.

  • Part one: Hi, there's a man who started talking to me on youtube, and he started getting carried away trying to get my facebook and Instagram. He started looking at photos on my facebook and calling me gorgeous and then he started to send me requests. One day I told him to leave me alone and he started saying how not accepting him was really offensive.

    Please read my response in the second part of your question.

  • Hi Vicki!
    You said that your pads are not cotton but they are soft as cotton. I don't know about them, if they are good or not... Are they like always pads? Because always pads have a very bad quality. Do you maybe have any pads from cotton like non plastic or something?

    Our pads have a soft cover that is not plastic in origin and therefore very comfortable.

  • Hi I was wearing a sports bra today and I noticed that the girls were not in all the way so I did the scoop to get them in. But I looked in the mirror and then I was falling out of it. What does this mean. PS I am a 38b or a 36c in bras. Thank you in advance. ☺☺

    It could mean your sports bra no longer fits you and you now need to be remeasured in a store.

  • I am 13 and have never had a boyfriend and I go to an all girls school so i barely talk to boys too. Also when it actually comes to talking to them I am really shy. I also understand that at the age of 13 you can't really have a proper boyfriend but I just cant wait until I am older and can fall in love. I also have nightmares about growing old alone and wake up crying. I don't know how I will find someome to love me... all my friends are going out with people and have kissed. I havent.... HELP x

    I firmly believe that there is someone out there for everyone, you just have to be patient and wait for them to come along. And you may also take comfort in the fact that lots of people now wait until their late teens or early twenties before dating, so you have plenty of time for Mr Right to come along.

  • if i start my period in a lesson at school what should i do? my school is strict on leaving the class to go to the toilet in the middle of a lesson

    Hi E, why not read my blog entitled Periods in School, I think you will find it very interesting.

  • Vicki, when you do blogs do the people tell you what to do it about? Or can you just make it about you like?

    I base my blogs on the questions girls send in and where I feel there is a gap in their understanding or education on these subjects.

  • my bff has a boyfriend but I have the same boyfriend what should I do ?

    It is quite simple your boyfriend is cheating on you and under these circumstances my advice would be to end your relationship with him immediately.

  • Hey, I saw some girl said she has a brown line down her belly button, well I have it too and Im not pregnant. See..
    Thanks xx

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I am sure this girl will be pleased that she is not alone.

  • hi im Bobbie you might of talked to me before i have just fund out im pregnant i don't no what to do in to young for a baby

    Hi Bobbie, if you find yourself in this situation you really must share this news with both the father of the baby and your parents. Yes they may be a little angry at first when they hear this news but very quickly this will turn to genuine concern for the welfare of both you and your unborn baby.

  • I go riding every week or so and I'm on my period. What do I do

    Your period should not prevent you from doing any activities you would normally do and a pad or  tampon will be more than suitable for keeping your underwear protected when on your period and horse riding.

  • Hey vicki,
    So im having a sleepover tonight and I am on my period so i get really emocianal at the tiniest things. So tonight we are having casarol for dinner which is something my friend dosent like, my mum didnt check this with me My grandparents are over and got upset when I wasnt talking much and when they told me off I started crying and im in my room listening to them conplaining about me. I normally get on really well with my family but I dont want to tell them im on my period.

    You don't have to tell anyone you are on your period but you can let them know that as a teenager your moods can fluctuate. Finally, don't worry too much about feeling a little weepy from time to time, it happens to all of us women and I hope you have a great time at your sleepover.