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  • Hi Vicki, I've just started Secondary school and now a couple of months in
    I was just wondering if you could give me any advice on this : I have to do
    Swimming on the first week i go back from our Christmas holidays but im REALLY self consious about this as im quite a "big" girl and just really afrain as some people r really judgemental and i dont know wat to do???? plz help Vicki XX Roise XX Thx Vicki p.s. I absolutely love this website its help me with a lot 💕😘🙌

    Hi Rosie, read my blog entitled Walk Tall for confidence, I think you will understand that by appearing confident you can quickly give others the impression and they will feel comfortable and assured around you.

  • Hiyac viki
    Its demI
    I'm only 10 and when I was 8 or so I got my first period and I didn't get another till i was 9 but I haven't had another period:-/ Im worried
    What if I don't get another one for ages?

    Periods are often irregular with long gaps between each one, so please try not to worry.

  • Hello Vicki
    Merry Christmas x
    I haven't had my period in 5 months and I've been putting on wait really rapidly I'm a virgin but I keep worrying that someone's raped me in my sleep or something WHY HASNT MY PERIOD COME I keep panicking xxx

    Periods are very often irregular and can have gaps of several months between each one, so please try not to worry this is all very normal.

  • Hi Vicky!
    I have just turned 16 and i haven't started my period yet, i have had discharge every day for about 1 and a bit now and i have tiny breasts (32AA). I don't really get stomach cramps, but my breasts ache quite a bit and i sometimes get lower back ache. Once of twice i have had the tiniest, smallest bit of blood in my knickers like a couple of dots but thats it. Is there something wrong with me? Will i ever get my period if so when? Is this normal? PLease anwser ASAP im worrying! Thank you 😘

    A period can arrive anytime between the ages of 8-18 so please try not to worry this is all very normal and nothing to worry about.

  • Why is pornography not really recommended, if sex is perfectly natural and normal? Nancy xxxxxxxxx

    Very often the images shown in pornogrpahic videos or magazines does not show a true represenstation of what being in a loving and caring relationship is all about.

  • Me and one of my best mates, j, are both 19. We go to clubs and stuff, all the things that most people our age do. But, J told me something really shocking the other day: that she is working as a prostitute because she hopes to buy a car! I think it is disgusting, and have tried to tell her that there are easier ways to make money, but she refuses to listen. I am really concerned for her, because she is throwing her life away. What can I do to help? Gem xxxxx

    Hi Gem, continue to be there for your friend letting her know you care for her as a friend and be there when she needs to chat.

  • Hiya, I'm 14 and I'm really worried about prom, I don't know why, I think its just the after bit where everybody gets drunk, see I'm not confident to go do stuff like that I'm so scared, I know it isn't for 2 years yet bit still, I can't talk to anyone about it because everyone is excited and looking forward to it then there is just me who is dreading i they will think I am weird, i have always sufferd from anxiety I don't know what to do, please give me the best advice you can thank you

    Your prom nighty can be just the way you want it to be if you stay in  control; you do not have to drink alcohol or get involved in anything other than dancing and having fun with friends. So keep this in mind and in a few years I am sure your Prom will be a fabulous experience.

  • This boy who I kinda like has got a girlfriend, and I can't help feeling jealous and upset. I cannot confide in my friend, because she cannot keep it to herself. I just feel really low and depressed, because I thought me and this boy had something special. What shall I do? Love from Rainie xxxx

    Even though you and this boy are not dating you can still have a special friendship. However, if you feel this may be too much to deal with then be polite when you see them together and in the meantime find time to be with others, taking your mind off this boy with family and friends.

  • Would you be upset if you're 12 year old had a boyfriend? Is it too young?

    I would have preferred them to have a boy as a friend at this age.

  • Vicki,
    I have been getting these weird cramps around my lower waist and there is no blood in my underpants so it can't be my period. I asked my mom and she said that I could be ovulating. If I am, around how long do you think it will be before I get my period?
    Thank you!

    It is most likely your reproductive organs maturing; just like the rest of your body is growing, so will your reproductive organs and when this happens cramps can be experienced. Gentle exercise will help lessen this discomfort.

  • I think I have started my period because I have had a large amount of bright red blood appear in my undies and I was wondering if this was my period and if so what is the best way to tell my mum?? Thank you Megan

    Hi Megan this does sound very much like your period, so why not show the stains in your underwear to your mum and she will advise you further.

  • Hi vicki
    I have so many problems mainly with my family. There are I many that I can't list then all but the worst one is this-basically I think I have middle child syndrome and I feel so left out. My dad likes my older sister the best and my mum likes my younger sister the best, they don't like me, or Atleast not as much as my sisters. I just wish that i could speak to someone about all of my problems but the thing is I don't really have anyone that I trust... What should I do?

    Why not speak to your parents about the way you feel, I am quite sure they love all of you equally, but if you feel a little left out then having a chat will help immensely.

  • Hi vicki,
    It's been some days now since my due date of my period and this period would of have been my 3rd one so I'm still fairly new ,is it normal ?
    I'm only 13 and it's sad to think but I'm scared I might be pregnant even tho I have not had intercourse

    Periods are often irregular for the first few years with gaps of several months in between each one being very common.

  • I like this guy and he is two years younger I'm 14 and he's 12, I know it isn't a huge age difference but It is at this age, I think its a bit creepy that I like him but I don't know what to do about , I like him and I just do and I don't know if I should try and move on coz I don't want to

    If you like this boy, then why not get to know him as a friend and see how things go in the future, before dismissing the fact that one day you may want to date.

  • I am having friend issues. What do I do

    It is always best to have a chat with friends and calmly share any concerns you may have, being prepared to listen to anything they have to say.

  • Hi Vicki,
    I every time if feel attracted to a boy, about 6 months later he usually comes out as gay. This has happens 4 times now. What does this mean? Am I still straight?

    This is most likely just a coincidence and nothing for you to worry about.

  • Hi, so sometimes at the end of the day my down below area gets sore and a bit irritated. I have discharge and I don't wear pantiliners. Could it be because of all the discharge or do you think it is public hair coz I have a lot now and I didn't before. Thank you

    It could be wearing underwear and outer garments that are too tight and making you sweat in this area, so consider wearing loose fitting clothes and try wearing a pant liner on a daily basis as this may help with irritation too.

  • Vicki.
    2013 and 2014 have not been good years fore. 2012 neither actually. I wish that 2015 will be better and how can I ensure that everything works out for me??

    Why not make a list of all the things you want to achieve in 2015 and involve your family and friends so they can ensure you keep up the good work and tasks on your list.

  • Hi.
    What times of day or night do you usually come online? And do you also have a facebook page related to this website?

    I answer questions at all times of the day even at the weekend (it's now Saturday afternoon). We do not have a Facebook page for or Becoming a Teen as we know that lots of our visitors are under the age of 13 and therefore not allowed Facebook accounts.

  • I have been feeling not like myself lately and I would say it's been
    This way for about four months. Before the summer I also felt like that. The feeling I would describe as anxious, fed-up, dreading things you normally should enjoy. I don't know how else to describe it, I'm sorry. But is this something I should go to the doctor about? I'm really not sure and I don't want to go on antidepressants.

    Puberty can often leave teenagers feeling a little self conscious and anxious, but this does not necessarily mean there is a medical condition present. So why not have a chat to your mum or the person who cares for you and let them know how you feel.  You may also find my blog entitled Puberty and Hormones will  be helpful too!