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  • Hi Vicki kendall again, sorry I've been asking alot of questions recently.
    Anyways sorry if this is inappropriate but my discharge is like a creamy whitish colour? Is this normal? It's not clear or yellow and it isn't really thick but it's not really watery either? I'm getting worried and I don't want to go to the doctor, am I normal?
    Thanks , kendall.

    Hi Kendall, yes this is very normal and you can find out so much more about discharge by visiting our Puberty section on the website.

  • I'm 13 and still don't have a boyfriend and I probably won't get 1 coz all the boys at school think I'm ugly and fat and it really hurts me I do cry myself to sleep some nights because I think I'm not good enough please help my I don't no what to do

    Take comfort in the knowledge that lots of people now wait until their late teens or early twenties before they even consider dating so you see you have plenty of time to find someone special to care for. Until then try to be nice to yourself, during your teen years it is very normal to feel a little awkward about your appearance but this will change as you continue your journey to becoming an adult.

  • I'm really scared Vicki and this is no joke I'm only 13 and I had sex with my boyfriend last week I've been sick during mornings and noon ,and I'm late for my period I'm really scared am I pregnant ? I don't know what to do what do I do ?please help me

    I am sure you do not need me to tell you that it is in fact illegal for your boyfriend to have sexual relations with you as you are under the age of 16. That being said, let us address the issue you discuss and my advice would be to visit your local Brook Advisory Centre or Family Planning Centre who will run a pregnancy test and offer you advice on how to proceed.

  • Hi! In the latest blog about how to get asleep nicely before school
    and tips and that, I dont understand the bit when it says that afterschool you can take a nap but only 30 mins! Why not more?
    confusedcheeeese xxx

    If you take a nap for longer than 30 minutes it is unlikely you will feel tired when it's time for bed and you will then struggle to get to sleep. A quick nap, will help recharge your batteries but will not prevent you from sleeping later in the evening.

  • When I woke up my pants were quite wet and smelt a bit strange. Do you think this is discharge

    It could be yes, why not read our section on Discharge under the Puberty tab for more on this subject.

  • Hi,
    I got brown stuff in my pants last month and you said it could be my period.this month it is a week late but I have really dark yellow in my pants.p.s I get normal white and yellow discharge. Is this my period or not? Was the stuff last month my period?( during the last days it was dark brown almost black )
    Thank you please answer ASAP

    Hi Holly, periods are often irregular for the first few years with gaps of several months between each one, so please don't worry if you have not had a period this month this is very normal.

  • Hi Vicki,i like this boy he is so sweet to me and kind. Problem is he like my bff. She didn't used to like him till now just bcz he like her. Am confused idk who he like . Everyone say it looks like he like me more. Am confused! I have never liked a boy like this before. Plz help... Should I stop liking him? It's really a long story. And i cant explain everything bcz it has maximuim characters. Hope u answer. Thx in advance :)

    If you and your friend both like this boy then it is a fair competition and ultimately the boy in question will decide who, if either of you he wants to date. So make a pact between the two of you that if he does date one of you, the other person will not be sad and will continue being friends.

  • Hi Vicki, I am sorry if this is inappropiate but I am 12 years old and I touch myself and also my inner vulva lips are reddish. My vaginal discharge consistency is normal but recently it has stopped for two days. Is this normal? Thanks

    Firstly, the labia does change colour as you enter puberty and adulthood and this is nothing to worry about nor is the level of discharge noticed from day to day and often discharge can stop for a day or two. Finally, masturbation is a natural and instinctive way of exploring the way your body feels when touched and nothing to worry about.

  • Hi! When do you think the appropriate age to have a boyfriend is?

    Having a boyfriend who is predominantly a 'friend' is fine if you are around the 12-14 age group. If you intend to be more intimate with someone then it would advisable to wait until you are older possibly in your late teens. But this is just my opinion and your parents may have a different view.

  • Why is chocolate bad when you are on your period ?

    Chocolate may lift your mood for a few moments after eating it but will quickly leave you feeling low in mood and hungry very soon after. It is far better to eat a banana, handful of nuts or an oat bar to keep your energy levels higher for longer.

  • Hi vicky, my name is Katie.
    Me and my BFF are going shopping together without parents for the first time. She is 4 years older than me (she's 17). I havent started my period yet but i really want to buy some pads but my BFF is very shy and awkward. the thing is that she will not leave me and wants to walk around with me wherever i go. so im so awkward to tell her that i want to buy pads cause she is very awkward and might feel wierd around me. How do I make our shopping more relaxed and awkwardless?

    It would be a good idea to let your friend know at the begining of your shopping trip that you are considering purchasing sanitary protection in preparation, that way you will both feel more comfortable and become used to the idea of this task when visiting the store to view the products available.

  • Hi VIcki
    I'm 13 years old and I'm extremely self concious when I go to school i feel really unpopular because of the girls at my school are really skinny ,I really don't feel comftable wearing skirts at all I want to start wearing makeup to sort of hide my face to see if that will give a bit of confidence but my mum won't let me and because im 1 of the shortest in the class I want to start wearing heels I feel so uncomfortable with my body I often get upset thinking about it
    Please help me N

    A great many teenagers struggle with self-esteem during puberty and my advice would be to practice wearing heels and make-up when at home so you start to a) feel more comfortable with your appearance and b) your mum gets used to the idea of a more grown-up you. Even changing your hairstyle can make a difference and a high pinned bun can be very flattering if you have long hair. Finally and most importantly, make subtle changes, to avoid going too far, so a little blusher and mascara is all that is required at first and a small 3" heel is more than adequate. And if you do decide to wear a skirt go for one that is just above the knee and no higher.

  • Hi i have had all the signs of a period like mood swings,boob development and tenders,spots and a bot of discharge i know the best way of telling is discharge 6-12 months but when will my come

    I cannot give you an exact date as we are all so very different, but with so many signs already noticed it would be a good idea I feel to keep some pads and liners with you when out and about from now on.

  • I just laughed and tried to ignore it, but then I had to leave I asked him firmly bit politely to give it back but be wouldn't and I really had to go, so I just grabbed my phone and ran downstairs, as I was leaving he shouted that he'd got an erection I'm so embarrassed and ashamed what can I do to make me not feel like this, I just keep crying and I feel like he forced me to. I'm nearly 16 if that makes a difference? :/
    PART 2 :/ sorry from Valkyrie

    Regardless of your age this boy's behaviour was unacceptable and not that of a true friend. My advice is to put some distance between you both and spend time with people you can trust. And whatever you do, don't let this boy diminish how serious and inappropriate his behaviour was by making a joke of it, it was not in my opinion funny or a joke.

  • So today I went round to me friend that's a boy's house. We were doing homework and then he stole my phone and put it down his pants. He kept taunting me telling me to get it when I clearly don't want to :/
    PART 1, sorry :/ from Valkyrie

    See my response in Part Two.

  • I always feel really self conscious because I have an outie belly button and I hate it. I never wear bikinis or crop tops because I worry that everyone will look at me and judge me. Is there any way of making it an innie without surgery?

    I know lots of people with belly buttons that are 'outie's' and it should not stop you from wearing a bikini. We are all different and you may be interested to learn that Kass Moss one of the worlds most beautiful women often shows off her 'outie' when modelling swimwear, so you are in great company.

  • Hello vicki ,
    I just wanted to know if there is any other reason there would be blood in my nickers after a discharge or is it just because i'v started my period. Xxx thanks for the help

    If the blood is noticed after releasing waste food and is found after wiping your anal entrance, then this could be constipation. But if you find the blood is released during the day and is towards the front of your underwear this is most likely your period.

  • Hi, vivki!
    What are the signs that I might get my first period soon?
    Thanks x

    Breast development, pubic hair and discharge are often noticed a year or so before the arrival of a girls period, but just as many have no signs and for this reason it is a good idea to keep some pads and liners in your school or sports bag just in case.

  • Hi Vicki, I am 5ft 5 and I weigh 9/10 stone?? Am I morbidly obese ????
    I also have really broad shoulders, how can I reduce them XXXX

    Rather than focussing on what the scales say, consider what you eat and how much exercise you take on a daily basis. By eating 3 healthy meals a day with fewer greasy or sugary snacks and exercising every day for an hour (even if this is just walking to and from school) your body will find its ideal weight.

  • Hey Vicki me again
    So I've been having like quite a wired and noticeable smell down the (oder) and I don't know why I don't like people sitting next to me in case they can smell it

    Hi Jess, this could be discharge mixed with urine or faeces if not wiped away thoroughly after visiting the toilet. You may find using wipes after wiping is a useful way to keep this area clean and odour free, together with pant liners.