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11 November 2016

Super Soft Pads

"These pads are amazing!"


24 October 2016

Super Soft Pads

"Anyone who liked the freshlock pads will love these new lil-lets pads. I thought I had found the perfect pad in the freshlock range and was really disappointed when I was informed by lil-lets that they had been discontinued. I tried the drylock but found them plasticy,sweaty and uncomfortable. Then I tried these soft pads. They are even better than the freshlock. Please please please do not discontinue these ones Lil-lets."

Busy mum

09 October 2016

Super Soft Pads

"I saw these at a large supermarket. Use the tampons regularly. These are quality pads. I felt dry all day. They keep you dry and comfortable,even on a heavy day. I will stock up on these. Best pads by far. Hope the other supermarkets start stocking them too. Quality at am extremely good price."


21 April 2016

Super Soft Pads